WWDD (What Would Dita Do?)

Dita, probably the most glamorous woman alive today.
Dita, probably the most glamorous woman alive today.

One woman that I really admire is Dita Von Teese. She is sexy without being trashy, her appearance is immaculate, and though she has been through her share of drama, she always gives the appearance of complete composure. Moi needs to adopt a bit of that into my own life.

Here is a great video where Dita talks about keeping your dignity (among other stuff), which I have watched several times.

You know I always thought when you loved somebody you were supposed to lower your wings of humility. You should, but I’ve learned that there is a point where you can lower them so much, that you loose your self respect, and you start to feel worthless. You would hope that the person you loved would not allow you to get to that point, but the thing is, they may not return your feelings for them with equal affection. You have to set boundaries. Your boundaries are like your dignity, and you can not relinquish them without loosing yourself. I have learned to never be so desperate to holding on to someone that you loose yourself in the process.

I’m going to be honest here, I no longer recognize my value. My soon to be ex destroyed it, and if there was any bit of it left, I lost it to the man I fell in love with after him. I am so quick to cheapen myself because I want to be loved so desperately. This is something that I guess I’m going to need to work on. I know I am a decent human being. I am loving and kind (and I have pretty hair LOL). Someday a man might look upon me and recognize me as the love of his life… but not if I don’t recognize it first.

And here are some gratuitous pictures of Dita because I think she is awesome! I hope one day I get to see one of her burlesque shows. Dita daaahling, if you are reading this, hook me up *kisses*



  1. She is elegant and beautiful. And self-respect, like a bit of self-appreciation are very, very necessary. And NOT skills that I was ever taught. A work in progress for me, as it is for you. Perhaps we can work on it together…


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