Happy Belated New Year Dollies

Wishing you hope and happiness this year and always.
Wishing you hope and happiness this year and always.

To the five people who read my blog, Happy New Year! I hope you rang it in with a bang. Me… not so much. I went to bed at 11. I spent the evening texting back and forth with my friend J. We were watching the TLC channel in our respective houses in our pajamas. We were watching a show about people and their unusual sexual fetishes.  I went to bed thinking, “Nah, I am not made for this world. I am going to die alone.” I think I am a contender for “cat lady” (except I don’t like cats).

And so another year begins. I’m not feeling too awesome, but I remain hopeful. Have you ever been in a phase of life where things were really messed up? I mean, like even if you could write your own happy ending and wave a magic wand for it come true, you wouldn’t even know what to ask for? That’s where I am. I need a miracle. Maybe this will be the year?


  1. Oh yes. I have been in some places, some times where everything I touched turned to pus under my fingers (forgive the grossness). Some how I keep on muddling on.
    And the new year came in without my assistance as well. She seemed to find the way, and I hope this year is a kind one…

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  2. I found myself in some dark (and lonely) place at some point (to the point that nothing seemed to make me happy anymore – to the point that I didn’t really know what would make me happy!)

    But I know you will find ‘it’.
    Happy New Year, to a great year ahead of us!

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  3. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate your writings and insights into all things. I think we all feel the same way and you have a lot of courage for sharing. We’ll all get through this crazy world together and build a better plance. Hugs….Kate

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