Valentine’s Schmalentines

Hell no! You need to back the f*ck up!
Hell no! You need to back the f*ck up!

Truth be told, I think there is nothing more precious than true love. Being that I am fast on my way to becoming a cranky old maid, however, you might guess that I am not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I really don’t need a holiday to remind me that I am alone. I really do not want to see happy girls with beautiful bouquets of roses in order to remember that once upon a time a man loved me. I certainly don’t want to see heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates. It will only serve to remind me of how my Napoleon would buy me boxes of delicious pralines from La Maison Du Chocolat right nearby to Green Park where we would spend hours kissing on a picnic blanket. No, I don’t want to be reminded at all.

To all of you that will be with your significant other, I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. To those of you that are unattached, I send you a kiss of solidarity. Even if you are on your own this year, it takes nothing away from how special you are. Do something lovely for yourself. As my mother always says, “if I wait for a man to buy me flowers, I’ll grow a beard, so I buy my own.” My mom has some good ones LOL. She is the one person who has stuck by me through all the crap, and her love and kindness to me has never wavered, so this year I will be spending the day with her. She is, after all, my first love.


  1. Sweetheart,
    I’d rather be “Alone” than be with somebody I couldn’t stand.
    Many women are w/ men they CAN’T Stand.
    You are blessed to be away from Man-Whore.
    You are worthy and beautiful.
    Love from MN. xxx


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