Have Courage and Be Kind

Cinderella and Prince Charming kiss

“Have courage and be kind”… it’s a line from the Disney version of Cinderella, and it’s the new motto for my life. On Saturday my mom and sister and I went to the mall and saw Cinderella. It was sweet. If you have a daughter, or if you are young at heart, it really is quite darling. Sometimes we all just need a bit of fairy tale magic, don’t we? We want to know that there is a happy ending where the good girls win (and Baby Whore gets flush down the toilet along with the evil ex husband like the turds they are LOL… *le sigh*). Who knows if I’ll ever find a prince and walk off into the sunset holding hands with a man I love. I’d like to stay hopeful and be courageous, despite the gnawing doubt I sometimes feel. I’m not ready to give up hope though.

As a young girl, I would love it when my mother or grandmother would read to me. I always did adore a good story, and perhaps that is why I decided to major in literature. It was the fairy tales that I loved the most, though. I loved the stories of how good would always overcome evil. Even today, I thrive on the idea that a beautiful heart has the power to manifest little miracles. In my fairy tale, I’d be a princess queen, but dressed in rags. People would look through me like I was invisible, and I would ache with loneliness. One day I’d cross paths with a king who would look into my eyes and recognize my soul. Some magic inside of me, the beauty in my heart, would call to him so powerfully that he would give up his kingdom to have me by his side. It would be a great and passionate love affair, of course LOL. Stuff that you couldn’t read to little ears ;), but it would encompass the true love that tiny girls dream of.

So today’s post is dedicated to Cinderella and girls of all ages who believe in fairy tales. Hope you enjoy these Cinderella inspired goodies I found on Pinterest.


Prince Charming is stupid
I had to include this one, too funny!


Oh and in proper Cinderella fashion, I also ended up with a lovely dress yesterday. It was a bit over my price point, but it was such a lovely Marc Jacobs dress. It was kind of demure and sweet, and even though it was pricey, I got it at almost 70% off. How is that for magic my lovelies?!  Just because the prince isn’t around, is not an excuse to stop treating yourself like a princess. Consider that some good advice from your fairy godmother.


  1. —-Caroline,
    I saw a cup the other day with the inscription: “I am queen.”

    Isn’t that Fabulous!?

    Anyhow, where will you wear your new dress?

    xx kiss

    PS… I just adore Cinderella. Did you know the girl in there is in Downton Abbey?


  2. Visiting from My Inner Chick. Such a sweet, sweet post. I so enjoyed it. You said, “One day I’d cross paths with a king who would look into my eyes and recognize my soul.” That is exactly what Alpha Hubby said to me, that God had shown him my heart and he recognized my soul and he wanted it to belong to him. So never, ever give up on your dream – only believe! Just remember that song from animated Cinderella – A dream is a wish your heart makes… and it can come true.

    Still snickering at that “having to put a shoe on every girl in the kingdom” one – so funy!!

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