My Beauty Trinity

No reason to hate me because I'm beautiful. Today I'm going to share my  beauty secrets!
No reason to hate me because I’m beautiful. Today I’m going to share my beauty secrets!

Today I wanted to talk about something that has nothing to do with men. Sometimes they just aren’t worth talking about LOL… geez, what a headache! Someone once interviewed a lady who lived to be in her 100s, and she said the secret to her longevity was realizing that men just weren’t worth it… I got to say, all the tears of frustration we cry over men, they sure can age a girl. Not good.

Today I want to talk about something fun and girly: beauty. I am big into skin care, much more so than makeup. If you have good skin, you don’t need tons of makeup. And loads of makeup, while it can look amazing from far, is not that pretty on close inspection. I only really wear makeup when I want to impress someone. Other than that, I’d just rather skip it. I prefer to be natural.

Since I moved to Florida, my skin isn’t as in great shape as it was when I left England. My normally smooth skin is erupting most unpleasantly LOL. I think partly it’s the huge change in climate, also I haven’t been eating as healthy now that I don’t have my own kitchen anymore or shop for my own food, and some of it may have to do with stress *cough* (code word for men).

I don’t have loads of money to spend these days, but I refuse to use cheap stuff on my face, after all, I’ve only got one. Invest a little money daaahlings, its better than wrinkles and saggy skin later on. I do buy the good stuff despite my craptastic paycheck.  I just have a very pared down beauty regime, my holy trinity. These are the three products I would not want to be with out. They are worth their pricetag.

For lovely pale and wrinkle free skin... just like the beautiful Dita Von Teese.
For lovely pale and wrinkle free skin… just like the beautiful Dita Von Teese.

So, in my opinion, the best thing a girl can do for her skin is to protect it. Before heading out for the day, it is crucial to shield our gorgeous faces from the harmful effects of of UVA and UVB rays. The problem is that most of the stuff out there is just so damned uncomfortable. It’s either super greasy, heavy feeling, or leaves a bit of a film on the skin. I was lucky to stumble across Kiehl’s Since 1851 Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+. The super high protection factor is great for my pale skin, but I also love it  because it dries so completely matte and non-greasy. You don’t feel like you are wearing anything. It is a pleasure to wear… now all I have to do is to remember to wear it more often!

Catherine de Medici was a fan of Santa Maria Novella, one of the world's oldest pharmacies... not to mention Moi.
Aside from my good self, Catherine de Medici was also a fan of Santa Maria Novella, one of the world’s oldest pharmacies.

Now this next item I’m going to tell you about, is my special secret: Santa Maria Novella’s Rose Water.  I adore it. It is a pain in the rear to get ahold of, but I would not be without it. I know this is going to sound a little silly, but using it reminds me that I’m me, that inside me, lives a Little Miss Fancy Pants with an unbreakable spirt that no Dr ManWhore (or anyone else for that matter) can ever extinguish.  The scent, unlike most overpowering rosewater products, is simply lovely.  I love swiping it across my face to freshen myself up when I wake up and before bed. Now I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think it does anything super miraculous, I just like how I feel when I use it. Maybe it’s a sentimental thing, but it’s something that will always be in my repertoire.

I doubt there is more effective and gentle makeup remover available than this one.
I doubt there is more effective and gentle makeup remover available than this one.

Though I don’t wear much makeup, there are times where a girl wants to impress. I find makeup around the eyes particularly difficult to remove. My eyes are sensitive and I don’t like to rub them too much. There is no more gentle, pleasant, and effective remover than the cleansing oils made by Shu Umera. I love the way the oil makes your mascara practically “melt” right off.

Shu Umeura was a Tokyo makeup artist in 1950s Hollywood. His cleansing oil was a favorite with one of my all-time hall of fame beauties: Marilyn Monroe. When you try this, you will understand why. I am currently using Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil—Marilyn used the original formula (which is classic for a reason).

So there you have it my lovelies, my beauty secrets revealed. Yeah, you aren’t going to find these goodies in any discount stores, but don’t be cheap with yourself. You are worth it! And you know what? It’s better to buy a couple of really awesome expensive things than loads of junky cheap stuff that ends up costing you the same.

What are your skin must haves? Don’t be stingy, its time to share with the class ;).


  1. Nothing very interesting to say although I will try the Kiehl’s Super Fluid. My brother (GQ in Tokyo) cannot live without his Kiehl’s. He’s 43 and looks 25! Also, I despise the WP app for the phone. Every time I try to click on someone’s blog, I end up unfollowing them and then having to follow them again. That happened with your blog today. So annoying! I know it’s just me and my fat fingers, but still, I need something to complain about other than my husband. I don’t wear foundation or blush or any of that, usually just a little mascara, but I do like the Yonka products for my face (lotions, make up remover, etc.. ). I get them at the salon that does my facials. The rose water also sounds delicious. I may need to try that too. 🙂


  2. After years of blowing my money on pretty packaging my beauty trinity is

    1) Generic Retinoid cream

    2) Samples of Creme Da La Mer- I hoard these from beauty counters from all over the world. Mainly airports. usually they’re 5g- but sometimes i score some 15g! I’ve been doing this since I was a student and now i work i really don’t want to hake the jump to paying over 200pounds for a jar or cream!

    3) Obagi sun block- kinda pricey but no smell and doesn’t leave a white film.

    I also spent 40 minutes trekking around a dreary wet Florence trying to find Santa Maria Novella last November to stock up on a couple of bottles of the rose water that had me sprawled on the floor of Rome fiumicino airport shuffling stuff around trying to meet my baggage allowance.


    1. Oh my god, isn’t it Devine?!?! I adore that rose water. I will pick some up when I go to NYC. Never tried Creme de la Mere but have always wanted to. We can play swap samples. I have loads of goodies 😜


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