Burgers & Botox

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

Let me start by saying that I don’t care what anybody says about Botox. It’s awesome. I’ve had people tell me, I don’t need it because I’m already pretty and it will make me look unnatural. Little do they know that I’ve already got it in my system LOL. It doesn’t change the way you look at all, it just softens certain expressions and makes you looked more happy and relaxed. It also prevents wrinkles, because if you are not making that nasty frown that causes those “number 11” lines  between your eyebrows, those wrinkles are not going to form.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt either. It’s just a teeny little pinch when the needle goes in. Thanks to Groupon I get mine done really cheap. The last time I went I got a $250 treatment for $80 because I waited for a 20% off promotion.  Personally, I feel there is no point wasting tons of money to have a counter full of makeup. Why cover up something with cosmetics when you can get rid of it? And really, no makeup covers up wrinkles… not that I have any ;).

Botox and good skin care (link) is the way to go. Don’t listen to the haters. You will not look any different, except that fine expression lines will either disappear or diminish, and you will not be able to make as many ugly faces.  If you have deep wrinkles, it isn’t really going to do much for you except prevent them from becoming worse. For fine lines though, it’s great. I don’t know why so many people are so against it. We live in a culture where women are not considered valuable and lovable when they get older, then we penalize and back bite them when they attempt to look youthful. It is cruel. I get Botox because I like what it does for me. I make no apologies. The best beauty secret of all, my lovelies, is happiness. If you read me regularly, however, you know my divorce, my breakup with Napoleon, and my move to the US have affected me deeply. I am trying to relearn how to be happy. Often though, I feel lonely and scared, and if a little Botox helps me look and feel a little more confident. I think it’s totally worth it. I need to do what I have to do to get my sparkle back.


You know what else helps me sparkle? What gives me the glow that supermodels long for? Burgers LOL. Is it the happiness that a good burger brings me, or is it just too much grease and oil in my system? I don’t know, but I freaking love it. A good burger can make you forget why you ever wanted a man in the first place. I have been wanting to go to Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach ever since I read about it. I went there knowing exactly what I wanted: The Emperor. It’s a patty melt on brioche made with American Kobe beef, sautéed mushrooms, cave aged gruyere, and truffle aioli… and hot damn it was good! Freaking juicy! I have rarely had a man please me the way that burger did. This is my first 10/10 burger in the US. This decadent patty melt had this amazing savory umami thing going on with a bit of sweet from the buttered brioche. Ooooh, I think I may swoon. I also had the sweet potato fries which were kind of meh (next time I’ll try the tater tots), and my dining companion had the special burger of the day, the Hawaii 5-0 which was good but not nearly as good as mine. Too bad, so sad, I wasn’t about to trade!

So burgers and Botox… it’s fair to say that except from some somewhat terrifying emails from my lawyer, I had a decent week. In addition, I’m just about to embark on a nice long Memorial Day weekend. I have some very interesting plans too ;), but I’ll save that for another post.

Have a great weekend dollies.

p.s. I just started up an Instagram account. I don’t really have any followers or interesting posts just yet, but hopefully that will change soon. If you are on, I hope you will follow me and we can catch up on each other’s adventures!


  1. lol – go on with your bad self! Awesome!

    As for me, I have a round face no matter how thin I get… but since I’m chubby, fat fills in possible wrinkles quite well. 😛 (Changed my avatar pic – there’s my Bitchy Resting Face. I have two expressions: BRF and HUGE smiling. haha. I AM getting smile lines though.. likely because I don’t pay attention to my skin and touch my face constantly – dry overall and oily in spots.) Tea tree/peppermint wash is helping with the dryness/breaking out in the last few weeks though.

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  2. Bitchy resting face, haha!! I have a good one. I also like to make weird faces so not sure botox would work for me. I say go for whatever makes you feel great! That burger looks delightful, sinful and tasty! It’s only breakfast but I could eat it right now. Have a relaxing long weekend, Caroline. I look forward to hearing about those plans of yours 😉

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  3. I totally agree with you about Botox. I started getting it when I was 27. I realized I was frowning too much and lines were forming. I didn’t & still don’t care i people say l don’t need it. If it prevents me from etching lines on my skin, so be it. I think everything in moderation is good.

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  4. I have never thought about botox, but I am contemplating liposuction. Somewhere between forty and fifty (even though my weight went down) I got these wicked (bad) bits of floppy fat on the bottom of my upper arms and on my inner thighs. I am still working the diet and exercise, but… every time I hear or see an ad for liposuction, I am one step closer to making that appointment! If I could only move the fat around a bit I wouldn’t even complain about it, but damn if it isn’t in the most unattractive (and unhealthy) places! Once again, the burger looks amazing!

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      1. Yep. I really only use Instagram for the filters and then I mostly post the photos to FB but I do enjoy other people’s pictures and posts. I went private a while back because, well, you know, the OW. I am totally used to burger crazy as Blue Eyes is obsessed with burgers. He would have gone with the Hawaii 5-0. I even showed him your burger picture and he immediately suggested we head out to one of his favorite restaurants because they just added a brie burger (he gets email updates). Me, I drool over chocolate cake, nearly every day. 😉


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