Happy Fourth of July

2009 Macy's Fireworks over New York City

Greetings from New York City dollies! I have been having the most amazing time. I got my hair done at an uber fancy salon at the Plaza Hotel, I saw a fantastic Broadway show, and I’ve spied beautiful fashions and art. My senses are reeling. There is so much to see and do… and eat. I have been grazing my way steadily through the city, one cookie at a time. This holiday is going to require a rigorous detox, that’s for sure. My thighs feel so fat and gross at the moment. Still, that didn’t prevent a cab driver from proposing to me LOL! I had to pay my fare though, so that sucked a bit. Only in New York *le sigh*. Today, I’m very excited to watch the fireworks display here in Manhattan. I’ve never done anything like this before. I have absolutely know idea what to expect. 

Part of me wishes I wasn’t going alone. In the midst of all the good times, sometimes I start to feel just the teensiest bit sorry for myself, I’m ashamed to admit. Sometimes something lovely, like the ice cream that I had yesterday, can trigger memories that I wish I could keep locked away forever.  They are memories which make me feel very alone and isolated despite being in a city absolutely teeming with people. The other part of me says, “F*ck that! This is Independence Day, put on your big girl panties and be independent!” Maybe there is no man to hold my hand (except during the brief exchange of taxi fare), but I’m also not willing  to roll over and die. My story is far from over.

Speaking of that, I’m about to embark on a new chapter. I have some awesome news to share ☺️.  Moi was offered a new job. I start on the 13th! I am thrilled. The pay is better, but the feeling I got when I pressed “send,” on my notice of resignation? That was priceless. Independence Day indeed!!!

Okay, I suppose that’s enough about me (well for now at least). Wishing you and your family a spectacular 4th of July.  


  1. Happy 4th of July, Caroline! This is a symbolic day for you. New York is so wonderful. Have you ever been to Jess’s blog usedyorkcity.com “featuring the best of New York…as used by New Yorkers.”? She gives wonderful suggestions of things to do and see that the locals enjoy. You can google it if you’re looking for some different, less touristy sights. Enjoy!! Congrats on your new job!!

    I can totally relate to those random memories hitting you up at the weirdest times with the strangest triggers. It’s really hard. In time, they will mellow though. Enjoy your independence and the fireworks. πŸ™‚

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  2. I really do wish I was there with you… if my son was with us, however, there would be no taxis. Only walking, biking, and metro. Your trip sounds amazing. Can we do this in London? Eat our way through I mean and get our hair done at fancy salons and go to the theater? I love London theater. Well, I am living vicariously through you as I have cancelled our previous plans for today because I wasn’t feeling up to it. 😦 . Keep posting on IG! And again, congratulations on the new job. Whoop, whoop!!!

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  3. I have visited New York twice and I love it! πŸ˜€ Despite the many “Ms Kumar” taunts by random people (Indians have other surnames too, people!) the city’s always bustling with life. Happy fourth to you and hope you had a great day! By the way, wohoooooooo on the job. And woman, stop hogging up all the proposals! There are other women out there too! πŸ˜‰


    1. A girl has to take what she can get, but don’t worry, it was not to be lol. Really about the Kumar thing? There are loads of Indians here, in fact I heard so many people speaking Punjabi, that I felt quite at home πŸ˜‰


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