NYC Street Art + My New Job

As you may have noticed, street art has become a great love of mine, so I guess it must come as no surprise that I planned to hunt some down in Manhattan during my recent trip. Let me start by saying that it’s not like Wynwood. In New York, you really have to hunt these pieces down. They don’t tend to be in areas of heavy tourist traffic, they are mostly off to the side streets in places like Soho and the Meatpacking District. Mostly I’d run into something when I got lost… which was often. GPS did not prove to be my friend. I had a few instances where I tried to position myself on Google Maps and according to my iPhone, I was swimming in the Hudson. I ended up finding a lot of lovely surprises, however when trying to find my way (just like we do in life, huh?). Here is a selection of some of the beauties I captured. I hope you like them.


London artist Phlegm
London artist Phlegm
Goldloxe: She has a lot of these stencils pasted up all over NYC in different colors. I find this whimsical creature very charming. She reminds me of Shirley Temple, and I can’t help but smile when I come across one. There are a couple of more examples of hers on my Instagram page.
A recreation of a very famous image by Kobra


A piece by Shepard Fairey which I found while lost somewhere around Chinatown.
A piece by Shepard Fairey which I found while lost somewhere around Chinatown.

More information on Shepard Fairey can found here on Artsy.



My first ever Banksy, I was super excited! It was right off the High Line.
My first ever Banksy, I was super excited! It was right off the High Line.


The bleeding hearts love wall by James Goldcrown. He and Goldloxe very friendly on IG, I love it when artists are cool like that :)!


And so my lovelies, today I complete my first week of work at my new job. Everyone seems really nice. I’m making friends, and I’m hoping I’ll fit in okay. Basically, my job will be that of a junior underwriter. I can’t tell you much about my work as of yet, because I haven’t actually started it yet. What I can tell you is I am thrilled to be rid of my bitchy old boss, the crap hours, and the disrespect. I think this job will be an amazing opportunity for me, and the salary increase certainly doesn’t hurt. What’s also cool is I work right next to a library. I spend my lunch browsing through books and magazines. I can’t possibly imagine a better “break room.”

This new job is most definitely a step up, another stepping stone, until one day I feel confident enough that I will be able to do things on my own. I sometimes wonder if that will ever happen. I have come a really long way since I came back to the US, but I still have moments when I feel absolutely crippled. It was just the other day that I was in a pool of tears because I felt like everyone ended up with their “happily ever after” while I was left behind. There are times when I look in the mirror and see someone who is alone and getting older and less desirable by the day. Let’s be real, a good heart will only get a woman so far. Then I stop myself, “It will be okay” I say to the person looking back at me, “I didn’t come this far to turn back now. Somewhere I will find love and happiness again… or if that fails, perhaps some cookies.”


  1. I love street art.
    One of our chief Ministers promoted it widely and spent lots. There is art on most corners in the city and in lots of other places. I don’t like all of it, I don’t understand all of it but I LOVE that it is there. Each and every piece of it.

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  2. Lovely art! So glad to hear about all the positive aspects of your new job, especially the proximity to the library! Score!!! Looks are fleeting, what really matters is what is in that heart and soul. You lift me up when I am down… I try to do the same. Cookies are good too. ❤

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  3. You’re caning it, Caroline. Even if you don’t always feel it. Everyone has their turn. So some are at “happily ever after” – now. Who knows the future? Yours is there and you’re on your way. Sadly some of “theirs” will abruptly end, too. Awful way to think. But true. The art is so cool!

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  4. Oh, my gosh those images are amazing, Caroline! I love every single one. The bleeding hearts is gorgeous. It makes me want to paint that onto a huge canvas! Thank you for sharing those 🙂 Your new job sounds interesting. I’m so happy for you. I can’t think of a better break room than a library. I like that you turned your thinking around while the sad thoughts were happening. That’s not easy to do and it’s a sign you’re healing. Positive self talk is so important. I try to remind myself of that when I don’t like what I see in the mirror. Sometimes, I just avoid the mirror altogether. LOL.

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