NYC Burger Battle

One only needs to have a gander at this post, and the one I wrote about cookies, in order to see how I put on tons of weight when I am on vacation. I have no regrets. Fat ass be damned. Moi is a piggy, of that you can be certain. Being that I have an unhealthy affection for burgers, I thought I would taste some of what New York has on offer. Below were my findings:

Spotted Pig Burger

Have a look at April Bloomfield’s burger at The Spotted Pig. She is a beauty no? I was really looking forward to this one. It is lauded by many as one of NYC’s best. Despite it’s beauty queen worthy appearance, this chargrilled burger with Roquefort cheese and shoestring fries was not a winner for me, not by a long shot. I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t love this burger, and so I feel almost blasphemous in giving my review, but I pride myself on my honesty, so here goes. Let me start by saying, that if you are to like this burger, you must love Roquefort cheese, and I mean reaaaaaaaaly love it, because the taste is so overpowering that that may be the only flavor your tastebuds decipher. While I enjoyed the first couple of bites of my very juicy and perfectly cooked offering, the pungent nature of the cheese completely took over. I could not taste the meat, which was absolutely heavenly (just indiscernible). It got completely overwhelmed, and it totally ruined the experience for me. As for the fries, I love what the chef did by adding the spiky green rosemary and flecks of sliced garlic, but I am not a fan of shoestring fries. They get cold in about two minutes. To the credit of the chef, these did not become all soggy like most fries of this type do, but the fries loose their heat way before you finish the rest of your meal. I kind of hate that. They were heavily salted. I don’t know if it was the Roquefort from the burger, or the salt from the fries, but my mouth was really dry, even a couple of hours later.

I have to give this $22 burger a disappointing 5/10. While I do like Roquefort, it knocked me out (and not in a good way). It was such a shame. I was completely ready to fall in love with this stunning creature. Well, we all know I am not lucky in love!


This next burger I tried on a bit of a whim. I was uptown and my feet were tired, they were positively pulsating actually. I did so much walking! Plus I was having a fabulous time browsing the wares at Barneys. Unless you are mega rich, Barneys is more of a place to window shop than to buy, but that’s totally okay by me. Upstairs, they have a restaurant called Fred’s which is like an oasis of calm and gentility. It is the perfect place for “ladies who lunch, ” and in fact, I was not the only woman dining alone there. There were several others, which was kind of awesome. The linen table cloths and napkins, the stunning views from the 9th floor, and the discreet French style table service is probably how they justify the $25 for the burger and fries.  The grass-fed Angus burger was good, but just good, not great or anything. I give it a 7/10.  It was ever so slightly over cooked. The fries? They were phenomenal. Maybe the best fries I ever tasted (10/10!). I would absolutely go back to Fred’s, but next time I think I’d try the crab cakes.

By the way, I totally made a mess of my table cloth. The beef drippings just spurted all over the place. The waiter was so nice about it… but really, I should probably be locked in a cage LOL.

Minetta Tavern Black Label BurgerI saved my best for last: Minetta Tavern‘s Black Label Burger. This was the most expensive of the bunch at $28. This burger is made of dry aged beef, topped with caramelized onions and pomme frites . This was a very nice burger indeed, faultless. What I really appreciate about this burger, it is a purist’s burger. There isn’t even any cheese on it. That’s because they put a tremendous amount of confidence in the quality of the meat, enough to let the beefy flavor shine on it’s own. A lot of agonizing was done to get the meat to hit such a high level of quality, and you can taste that, without a doubt. The fries? Good, but nothing remarkable.

This one gets a 9/10 for me. I couldn’t give it a ten, because for $28 I want to be blown away. I should have the kind of burgergasm I get when I’m eating an Emperor Burger at Charm City. Alas, that did not happen, but it was damned good anyway. Will I rush back to get another? In all honesty, no, but I am super glad I tried it.

So that is my story daaaahlings, my burger adventure. I have still not gotten on the scale yet. All I know is that I’m having to shoehorn myself into my jeans (which feels decidedly unglamorous). I’m told men like women with a little meat on their bones… watch this space dollies!


  1. They all look beautifully delicious. Blue Eyes would be impressed. He just had a burger the other day at “brunch” at the place with the fancy patisserie display. The ‘Provence Burger’ was American Kobe beef on a toasted brioche bun with caramelized shallot and apple butter, brie cheese, arugula, sliced tomatoes and dijon aioli for 11.95 (it’s a little cheaper here than NYC πŸ™‚ ). He said the brie was overpowering! I don’t think he would have gone for the roquefort! I’m still a little partial to your chocolate chip cookie myself… obsessive compulsive much, ha!

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      1. You know I do!!! I bet I’ve actually had more lobster rolls than croissants in my life. I have had lobster rolls from Lana’i to Grand Central Station NYC, not to mention our self-guided lobster roll food tour from Boston to central Maine. I am totally in!!!

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  2. Oh, Caroline this is sinful πŸ˜‰ My mouth is watering. I have to agree on the blue cheese on a burger. That’s overwhelming and I like blue cheese. So, that last one looks amazing. I can’t get over the prices! Next, I think you should get paid for doing restaurant or food reviews because you write so well and without being stuffy (like some food critics). Fun post!!

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  3. Been blurking for a while, but finally got up the nerve to post, lol. I am a total foodie and appreciate your in-the-trenches food reviews. Especially for burgers πŸ˜‰ Also enjoying the street art pictures! Best of luck with your new job.

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