Random Crap Because I’m Not In a Writing Mood

I have been feeling incredibly low this week. Reaaaaly low. There was not one day when I didn’t go to bed in tears. I’ve got to snap myself out of it. I would have loved to have gone out and done something fun, but such was not to be the case. Except for my weekly tradition of having breakfast with my mom at Panera, I seem to be stuck home for the weekend. I just finished watching the last of Season 3 of Orange is the New Black, which was kind of awesome. Oh who am I kidding, it was crazy good! Lorna finally found love (and if the lovely Lorna can do it from the confines of prison, perhaps there is some hope for me yet… though it doesn’t look very promising), and the final scene where all the ladies broke out of jail for a brief moment to dip in the lake, that put such a big smile on my face. I guess it shows you that there is so much happiness that we can take from the little things, if only we choose to appreciate them.

Last week I wrote about some things that I felt happy about. Today I am going to share something that I found beyond hilarious. Maybe I have an odd sense of humor, but this just kills me (in a good way).


I hope you liked that as much as I did! What do you do to pick yourself when you are feeling a bit low? I think I’ll make myself a bubble bath and drink some diet coke while I fantasize about cookies.

P.S. Some good news: I finally bit the bullet and weighed myself since I came back from NYC. I have only gained two pounds over what I weighed before I left. How cool is that? Those two pounds were totally worth it. Maybe because I can’t go out, I shall buy myself a celebration goodie on the Internet. One can do a lot of damage with a credit card and an Internet connection dontcha know? I’ll have you know that I am a seasoned professional on such matters.


  1. Get thee a tagine! My Moroccan neighbors broke theirs so I gave them mine… still haven’t replaced it.

    I ate more healthfully, using that thing, that’s for sure! Fish doesn’t stick but still steams and the rice soaks and the spices spread and the… and… 😉

    That sixth one seems, to me, like a transgender kind of presentation. I love it.


  2. Laughing.
    Women of sense and discernment. All of them would have been MUCH happier without the men in question.
    When I am down I go outside. Or reread a comfort book. Or sleep. Or eat. Or all of the above.
    I hope the dark clouds move on for you. Soon.

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  3. Get outside!! I have radical mood swings and there are days I have spent solely on my bed. I just get up to pee, brush or eat. Usually I try to snap out of it by getting out of the house/hostel, walking to the nearest library(Geek alert! Yes!) or beach with headphones blaring. These places always make me feel good 😀 If my dad’s around I sit next to him. He never picks on signs. The only way he’ll know you are upset is when you tell him so or you are crying your eyes out. So he treats me how he treats me usually and sometimes that’s what I need more than sympathy. 🙂

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