Random Ramblings with Skeletor

Sometimes a girl has to spoil herself, especially if there is nobody to remind her how fabulous she is.
Sometimes a girl has to spoil herself. Take the time to honor your fabulousness!

Hey dollies, I’m back. I’m here to tell you about what I’m upto, along with my dear friend Skeletor. He is so uplifting, and he always helps me illustrate my feelings in the most apt manner.

Friday was kind of cool, because after a long day of work, guess what was waiting for me at the door? My new iPhone6s. My iPhone4S was perfectly fine, but… meh. I have been wanting a cool new phone for so long, and now I have it. As my iPhone is the only thing I sleep with, he might as well be handsome, no? And, unlike my ex husband, it does not snore like a pig. So it’s kind of a win ;).

My reaction to the news of my sister's momentous news.
My reaction to the news of my sister’s momentous news.

This week I heard the news that my sister is 6 weeks pregnant with her third baby. The girl is breeding like a cow these days and starting to look like one too LOL. Okay, maybe that’s a little cruel, but it’s my blog, and shenanigans and unprovoked commentary are what I do best. Seriously, she looks so exahutsted all the time with the two boys she has, I don’t get it. That being said, I don’t have the motherhood gene. I never wanted children. I never even liked dolls (except for Barbie and Raggedy Ann). I did have this one doll that was given to me as a gift when I was a little girl. It was a doll that you feed with a little bottle, and then it would tinkle. I used to get frustrated that it would take the doll sooooo long to drink, so I got in the habit of pulling off the head, pouring down the liquid, and then squeezing it to make it pee LOL. Some people should not be mothers 🙂 and I am one of them.

Happy birthday to my grandma who knows how to lay on the guilt trips like nobody's business, but is also one of my biggest fans. I love her
Happy birthday to my grandma who knows how to lay on the guilt trips like nobody’s business, but is also one of my biggest fans. I love her.

In other family news, my grandmother turned 89 this week. She is an amazing woman. I love her, and I don’t know where I would be without her and my grandfather’s influence in my life. She is no cookie baking old lady, that’s for sure! Actually, she is quite the tyrant. Despite my admiration, the truth is that I prefer her in small doses. Family is always like that huh? We love them, but sometimes we prefer to love them from afar. Living back in such close proximity to my family again is a huge reminder of that. Anyways, I hope she lives forever. She is awesome.


So it’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m feeling pretty good. My mom and I, in keeping with our tradition, had breakfast bagels at Panera, walked around a couple of shops, and then I came home to do some laundry. As I type I’m drinking some delicious mint green tea from Angelina, Paris and scarfing down Ritz crackers (I am addicted to them). I spent the past half hour joking around with a friend on Whatsapp. I was telling them about my rapper name: Dollah and about all my baby daddies. It was just silly, but it made me laugh, and sometimes, it’s those small pleasures in life that keep us going. Later today we are meeting up to see a French film called The New Girlfriend and pig out on some ice cream. All things considered, Dollah is still rolin’, her diamond encrusted grill clearly visible with all the smiling she’s doing. I may have my bad days, but they are becoming less. I’m learning to take things in stride (or at least it feels that way right now). I love every day that I can prove to myself that I can be happy without all the things I thought I needed. Yeah, look at me, all living and $hit, its freaking awesome.



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