Why Cartman is my Spirit Animal

One thing I never wanted to be is a woman on her own with a cat: aka a “cat lady.” I positively loathe the idea. Cats just don’t do it for me. In fact, I don’t think I’m an animal person at all. That poses a little problem, because I really wanted to have a spirit animal LOL … don’t ask me where these ideas come from.

So what exactly is a spirit animal? According to urbandictionary.com, its supposed to be a “representation of your traits and skills that your are supposed to learn or have” (in animal form).

Cats, they certainly exhibit a particular beauty and mystery. They appear to have a certain sort of wisdom in their feline eyes – but despite that, I’ve never been able to really like them. I daresay (sorry cat lovelies) that their is something about them that I actually find somewhat off-putting. Now, before anyone gets too offended, I should say that if we were to go through the entire litany of Noah’s Ark, I don’t think there would be any one creature in the that represents who I am and who I want to be. Therefore, I nominate Cartman from South Park as my spirit animal.

I shall present my case:

“Screw you guys, I’m going home.”


Cartman is smart enough when to cut his losses. When his devious motives don’t go according to plan, he curses his playmates and leaves the room. What better lesson could I possibly learn? Learning to leave when love is no longer being served is something I have really struggled with. Leaving with your head held high and your middle finger in the air– that’s the way to do it. Cartman is one classy dude, he leaves with a bit of style, and I admire that!

“Respect my authoritah!”


Wether or not he deserves it, Cartman demands respect and will not tolerate anything else. I can not be beign to count how many times I have let others steamroller over me and put myself in inferior positions for one reason or another. Maybe I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, maybe I just didn’t want to argue, or maybe it was a lack of confidence. It’s great to admit when you are wrong, but a person should have the courage of their own convictions to demand to be respected for their beliefs.

“What-eva! I’ll do what I want.”


Another cool thing I admire about Cartman is that he doesn’t second guess himself. He does what he wants and doesn’t feel he needs to seek the approval of others. Yeah, I got to learn how to do that. I feel like I’m too old to worry about what other people think of me. Being a people pleaser all the time can really, as Cartman says, “suck ass.”

Telling it like it is


OMG, this is like my favorite Cartman quote eva LOL! This one kind of speaks for itself. There is a saying, “speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” Cartman does that in spades. I gotta say, the tears add that subtle special something. How can you not love this guy. He says it like it is. He says it without apology. He says it with a soupçon of drama. Yeah, he is the man!

But, my favorite thing about Cartman…


He doesn’t take anyone’s shit. In my all time favorite episode of South Park, “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” Cartman exacts a revenge with such perfect execution of evil genius, I could have wept with glee. When Scott tries to pull one over on Cartman, Cartman devises a highly devious plan of revenge that ends with Scott crying some very rewarding “tears of unfathomable sadness.” Showing someone that you will not lie down when they are trying to take advantage of you can be f*cking sweet and highly empowering!

Perhaps, now that you know my choice for spirit animal, you might be thinking that Caroline is not the best role model out there LOL, but what-eva, I do what I want ;).

Have a great weekend my lovelies *smoochies*


  1. I would be one of those lizards that live somewhere….they bite you and then silently track you. You start getting weaker and weaker because you are literally rotting. The lizard bides its time because it knows it’s going to win and……then devour you.


  2. First, of course I am not offended… even though, as you know, I love most animals and especially my dogs and cats. I daresay, however, that it is quite obvious that you are not a cat person and in fact most likely have never been around a cat because frankly my dear, they ARE like Cartman. They very much have a fuck you attitude and could care less about pleasing others. They may not have the quaint voice that Cartman has, but you definitely know when you have displeased them and they seek revenge. Some of them may be quite cute, but they purr to draw you in, before they scratch you. I have taken some of those spirit animal quizzes. I don’t often get a cat, I get owl? Which, I kind of went, meh. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. ❤

    Oh, and p.s… what drew you into SouthPark in the first place. I have only watched it because I had adolescent boys at one point in time. The first episode I was exposed to included "Mr. Hanky," and was not my cup of tea, so to speak, but I did enjoy the Tom Cruise closet episode.

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