Bad news and good news


First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to the kind comments you left me on my last post. I was really feeling low. There are times when this world seems like a very cruel and dark place, but you helped to remind me of the good things.

In less than a month, it will be Valentine’s Day … again. Last year, I thought for sure that by the next time this holiday rolled around, I would have rediscovered love. That didn’t happen. That’s the bad news.

My dad taught me something cool when I was a little girl. When I had a problem, and I would cry, he would let me cry about it for a while, and then he would ask me, “okay, so what are you going to do about it?” It taught me that there was a time for tears, and a time to take matters into your own hands.

So now, this good news part is about me telling you how, in my own small way, I have decided to do that. Because as much as I don’t mind being 100% real and telling you when I feel low, I sure as hell don’t want to be the type of woman that people feel sorry about (or to spend loads of time feeling sorry for myself, for that matter). Yes, it’s natural for a girl to go through low points, but I believe that truly good women do not stay down. I believe they make the effort to pick themselves up.

In my own frivolous way, this is how I have chosen to do that: I am going to spend Valentine’s Day in New York. For four days and three nights, I am going to give myself the best ever Valentine’s alone that a person can have. I am going to the museums, I am going to hunt street art, I am going to browse around Barneys, Bendels, and Bergdorfs, I am going to eat burgers and stuff my belly with fancy cake, I am going to get my hair done at a chic salon, and I am going to the MET for the first time to see an opera. It’s going to be F’ing freezing, but I don’t care. Some overpriced gloves and some new boots will take care of that. What I will not be doing is sitting around at home crying about being alone. I’m going to be bad ass with a fat ass LOL. I am so looking forward it.



  1. First, happy belated new year! I did catch your last post and wanted to comment but overthought what I wanted to say and got nothing out, of course.

    Second, I’m proud of you! New York is a wonderful place to be when you’re on your own because surrounded by millions of people you’re never really alone. I used to live there and being out and about by myself, doing what you plan to do, was soul refreshing. You will, as a single, be able to linger places a friend might not want to, more easily slip into booked restaurants, find TKTS show tickets/opera tickets – everything! I will be there again for a few days in March. If only the timing overlapped I would buy you a burger…or a Reuben…or a macaroon…with a glass (or bottle!) of champagne to toast something or another 😉

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  2. I didn’t comment on your last post, but I did think about it a lot. I was thinking how funny it is the perception we have of others versus the one they have of themselves. Et voila, here is the perception I have of you – the kind of chick that rocks up to New York because…fuck Valentine’s Day. And then there is the perception you have of yourself when you feel a bit low. What a bounce back! Feeling down is part and parcel, especially when you’re recovering from infidelity. It’s boringly normal. Only special folk pull themselves up, book flights, vow to eat cake, peruse art. 💃🏽✈️🏙🍔❄️😎

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    1. Thank u so much for your kind words, we don’t know what we are capable of doing and how much we can accomplish until we are put in these horrible situations. We are all so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. That goes for you too 💋

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      1. Yeah well we can do anti Valentine’s Day LOL. It’s all about stuffing our faces with naughty chocolates that we buy all for ourselves — even if it does come in a heart shaped box 💝 I’m a sucker for chocolate in pretty packaging. Chocolate on our faces, middle finger up, it would be fab!


  3. Now I can’t wait to see those Instagram photos (the chocolate face, middle finger up ones especially)! I know you will have a fabulous time, C, even though you are not taking me with you. boo hoo. We will make up for it another time. Although I might make a quick trip there just for one of those Levain Bakery cookies. For some reason that picture keeps popping up every time I open my iPhoto. Best cookie ever!

    Glad you have such a fabulous trip to look forward to! ❤


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