I got fired from my job

I am leaving to NYC tomorrow. I’ve got a bit of a cold and I know it’s going to be freezing, but I was excited anyway. During the last 10 minutes of work my boss pulled me aside, into her office, and fired me. I thought I was doing better… aparently not. I know I wasn’t great at my job, but I really did try. I am so sad right now. I feel like such a looser. How am I ever going to make it on my own? Am I just destined to be a failure? I don’t know how to do this sh*t. I am so desperately sad and ashamed of myself. 

Ever since my divorce I felt like I have been thrown into shark infested waters. Yes, sometimes there are victories, but most days it’s just been about putting one foot in front of the other and getting through the day. I try so hard to be positive. I look for the good in the little things, and I keep a gratitude journal. But facts are facts: I am easy prey. Sometimes I feel so dissolusioned that I don’t even have the desire to keep swimming. People tell me I’m a nice person. Nice doesn’t cut it. Nice is good food for the sharks. Nice is for losers like me. I am tired.


  1. No no no. Now I really wish I was going with you… I would have paid for EVERYTHING. No sharks, just opportunities. I am so so sorry it didn’t work out at your job. Please know that I am thinking of you and I totally believe in you. I know it is difficult to remain positive on such a dreary day, but you can do it. Chin up… it was just a shitty job. Big hugs and love and more hugs and go to NYC and pretend like you don’t have a care in the world. ❤

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  2. Caroline, no one wants to hear platitudes like, “When one door closes another one opens.” So pretend I didn’t write that. All I can say is this. You are FAR stronger than you imagine. You WILL find a better job. One that works for you. One that helps you feel more confident. I am bloody sorry about this. We are here xxx.

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  3. I’m sorry about the job. Like the others have said something better will come along. My cousin, a single mom, was abruptedly fired from her job. A few months later she got a new job. Better pay, better atmosphere, better people. Hang in there!

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  4. Sorry to hear about your job. It probably doesn’t help now but… This will only lead you to better, more fruitful things.

    We all live our lives differently but, if I may, I wanted to share my own experience: the moment I stopped focusing on the past, on who I had been, my relationship, on the actions of other and all that I chose to leave, and focused on the moment, why I had chosen to start over and the importance of self, my life became what it is today: mine. I still remember our chat that lunch time; your future is bright. Don’t let this moment or the past consume you.

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  5. Sending you a big virtual HUG, lady. I’m sorry about your job. What awful timing. Please allow yourself to enjoy the trip and live in the now. Just breathe, relax and let any thinking you do about your next step be done while looking at the NYC skyline with a cookie in hand.

    Hope this might make you smile. True story. I got let go from a job and the hubs had to pick me up. We wound up going to at a local restaurant to talk about it. Now there’s a picture of me from that night where I’m pretty obviously drinking beer out of a pitcher, eating nachos out of a real (albeit clean) hubcap and looking very much like Alice Cooper with my mascara. Brilliant for blackmail, I’m thinking.

    Safe travels, Caroline. You are SO not a loser, chica. Nope. Not.at.all.

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  6. This fucking sucks!! After the trails and tribulations I’ve had this year on the job front I completely understand how demoralised you must feel. Try to enjoy NY, clearly you’re much too fabulous for those dreary fools. 😘😘

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  7. Don’t let them beat you down, nice is what people strive to be but can’t because they only know how to be a shark… Well guess what? I’ve got a massive harpoon for those damn sharks and you can borrow it 😘 x

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  8. —-Just by you writing this tells me you will get on your feet, darling.

    That WAS NOT the job for you.

    Your true destiny is around the corner.

    You’ve come A LONG way & have become STRONG)))

    Love from MN. xx

    PS. being “nice” is NEVER out of style. In the end, nice WINS.

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  9. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and recalled that in your last post, you wrote about how your dad would let you cry for a while, then asked what you were going to do about it? You were not raised to be a loser, and you aren’t one now. Talk to yourself like you’d talk to someone you really care about if this happened to them. Your willingness to post it for all to see shows you are a resilient human being who refuses to let something like this stand in her way to living wholeheartedly.

    And cheers for living with your mom. I’m married for three years, living with my SO for five before that and still miss living with my mom every day!

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