Unemployment… it’s kind of fun (so far)

Okay, so so far unemployment hasn’t been that bad. In fact, its been kind of awesome. There I was on a Friday, lying on the marble steps of the hammam at The Standard Spa / Hotel in Miami Beach.  It was ever so warm. Tranquil music played almost imperceptibly in the background. I felt happy. Truly happy. A thought occurred to me, “Hey, I could be at work right now!” The loan contracts, the phosphorescent lighting… *shudder.* It occurred to me how lovely it would be to send a little selfie of myself luxuriating in my retro styled swimsuit to my boss B … alas, I did not have her number (we weren’t besties, go figure). I could see the picture and the caption in my mind’s eye, it would be me with a big toothpaste commercial worthy smile, and underneath it would say, “Miami Bitch.” Oh dear, I do think the diva inside me got out of her cage.

After coming back from NYC (posts to follow), I was feeling a little worse for wear. I had a bad cold. My skin was almost “burnt” from the freezing cold weather, and I just wasn’t feeling to good about myself after eating about 25% of the city’s food supply. Birdy decided he would take me to the Standard for a day of relaxation — he is so awesome, please God, if I have ever done a good deed in my life, let me keep him.


I tried the steam room for the first time in my life. Except for the fact that it turned my lovingly straightened hair into an afro, I think I fell just the teensiest bit in love. I positively adored the almost (but not) oppressive wet heat. It did wonders for my chapped skin, not to mention that it felt amazing. We sat by the pool. We rested in a hammock together. We ate a giant late lunch which consisted of mini burgers, chicken wings, burrata, and guacamole — somehow I always find the least healthy options (even at the spa), what can I say? It’s a gift. The whole time we were in our bathrobes. It was freaking awesome.




We slept over in one of the rooms. Did we go all the way? I’m going to leave you guessing on that one. All I will say is that I’m not sure if Birdy has the kind of deep feelings for me that I wish he did. I am just pinching myself, telling myself to stop worrying and just enjoy the moment. I am always overthinking these things. I need to learn to stop that.

Breakfast on the water. Life is good.
Speaking of enjoying the moment, I did something that would make Dr ManWhore die on the spot. I went on a motorcycle! I hate motorcycles. Well, I thought I did. That was until I did the unthinkable. Birdy put on my helmet, I got behind him, and at first I was terrified… and then a few minutes passed and it went from scary to awesome. We drove through Wynwood, and gosh, being there behind him… I’m not sure how to describe it except to say it was good, very good indeed.

Yeah, this unemployment thing isn’t so bad.


  1. Oh my oh my 😍😍 birdy sounds like a slice of man heaven…..if we don’t get the deets πŸ˜‰ I shall start an online petition! This sounds beautiful, I love Miami it’s one of my favourite cities. One day soon the shadows will withdraw fully and you’ll be left with a great big bag of wisdom and some stories, and a pretty fucking terrific life 😘

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