Distractions, fashion, and grilled cheese


I needed a welcome distraction, something fun and frivolous. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to finally see an exhibit I’ve been wanting to see at NSU: Bellissima: Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968. There wasn’t loads of stuff there, but I just need a change of scenery, the chance to look at something  beautiful, and a reminder that I am  more than my problems. There is something to be said by surrounding yourself in beauty. I adore any chance to overwhelm my senses with loveliness. It can be so uplifting for me. In this case, it was fashion. There were some lovely pieces on show, but what really surprised me, was that even though nothing was short of 45 years old, pretty much everything on display would be totally wearable today. In fact, in my head, I even chose a few choice garments for Moi-self. Do you need a little escapism too? Focus on some of your very favorite outfits, and imagine yourself in your mind’s eye wearing them. Imagine where you would be, who (if anyone) you would be with, and what you would be doing. It’s kind of a little game I like to play. Like Barbie for grown women LOL.


I’d like to imagine myself into that V-neck black dress in the back. You can’t really see how awesome it is in that tiny picture, but it is fab! It looks like something straight from Carrie’s closet in Sex in the City. At one point she was wearing a lot of dresses that had that sort of silhouette.  In my head, I shall imagine that I am in Paris. I am eating in an uber glam restaurant with a handsome gentleman (that I secretly am in love with, but I keep him guessing)  who can’t take his eyes off me *le sigh*. You see how this game works? You try it. Here are some more pictures…




Aside from the actual garments, there was also some gorgeous vintage handbags, and the walls were lined with lots of Italian fashion photography. But my favorite part? I’d have to say it was the cases of heritage Bvlgari pieces. I do own a simple Bvulgari band which I have held on to back from my housewife days, but I am still lusting after a particular gobstopper

For now though, I will need to stuff my gob with other less expensive stuff. Maybe some fancy grilled cheese? Oh, I know that sounds a bit anti-climactic, but I assure you, I would not kick this guy out of bed LOL. Thrilllist actually calls it one of the best sandwiches in Miami (there is more than one Rok Brgr in Florida). True, no self respecting Italian fashionista is going to be scarfing one of these down, but I am not Italian; nor do I have much of an excuse to be a fashionista at this point in my life.  Believe it or not, nobody asked me on a fancy Parisian adventure in recent history. Crazy, right?! So if my ass is looking a little dimpled from enjoying a few fatty treats, I doubt anyone is going to be the wiser. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this is pretty museum worthy…

Short rib grilled cheese with fontina and caramelized onions, with a side of rings (not Bvlgari, but it will have to do).

How do you like to escape when you are feeling a little low?



  1. That exhibit looks AMAZING! And that sandwich is SO BE… I’m thrilled you had a lovely day and treated yourself. I have been in good spirits lately, but an upcoming trip to London and Paris will also help with my mood. At home I watch bad TV shows and eat chocolate when I want to escape. I am thinking the beach house will soon become my go-to getaway 🙂

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    1. I am so excited for you!!!! You are going to have the best time. I know exactly what you mean about the chocolate and the bad tv… At least make sure it’s good chocolate!
      Do u like white chocolate? My favorite chocolate ever is a white chocolate cardamom bar from a tiny store in London called Rococco.
      I am so happy that I have NOLA to look forward to. It’s been a tough week. It means so much to me to have something like this to look forward to.
      So any good “bad” tv? LOL
      I think your beach house might become my go to getaway too 😜😜😜😜😜
      Love always, C❤️


      1. Always good chocolate, with or without bad TV shows. 🙂 BE considers all the shows I watch to be bad TV. Anything Lifetime or TLC drives him insane. LOL.

        White chocolate is too sweet for me. I don’t often eat it, but the cardamom intrigues me. Our Brooklyn boy adores cardamom. He makes these wonderful cardamom short bread cookies. NOLA is going to be awesome!!! The beach house can become your getaway any time (once it is finished, of course), but remember to bring lots of warm clothes. It’s no Florida, that’s for sure. ❤

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      2. Ha! My mom loooooves Lifetime. I always tease her about it, because every show is about someone dying a very untimely and unsavory death. It kills me… Literally 😜😜😜
        What is your favorite chocolate?

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      3. My younger son teases me that I like to watch Lifetime because the stories on there are more effed up than my own life. Probably true because the scripts are so bad and the acting is worse. I don’t watch all of it, of course. There is a show called My Crazy Ex and another one called I Love You But I Lied. Sometimes I watch those when I want a laugh. BE watched one with me once and he thinks it is all made up for TV. Ha, I don’t really think about it that much. As far as my favorite chocolate, mainstream I have always liked Godiva. I like La Maison du chocolat as well, and all the chocolat chaud in France, but really, I am more about the baking of chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies, cakes, brownies, that type of thing. I use the highest quality baking chocolate I can find. I am a baked goods piggy. 🙂

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      4. I loooove La Maison, but can not find it where I live 😖 … When I come to visit u we should bake together. It is one way I love to eliminate stress. Then we can sit on the beach with thermoses of tea and pig out in secret.

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      5. Shipping chocolate to FL is very expensive, lots of places charge very heavy fees because of extra measures to keep stuff from melting. When I visit u I will order us a family size Martha falker LOL and have it sent to Portland 😜

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