Feed me beignets and tell me I’m pretty


Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to go to New Orleans. There were two reasons. One: I wanted to see where Lestat (one of my favorite ever fictional characters) roamed the streets. And two: I wanted to eat beignets at the Cafe Du Monde. I got to do both.

Aside from burgers, I also happen to be an aficionado of all things consisting of fried dough. To make a long story short, we could call my five days in New Orleans the “Fuck the Diet Tour.” I was a rock star!

The beignets were pretty freaking awesome. Sometimes things get hyped up so much that by the time you get to try them, it’s going to be a let down. This was not the case here though.

OMG, are you feeling this or what?

I made sure that the beignets at Cafe du Monde were my first bite of New Orleans. I tried them with cafe au lait, as is the tradition. I was not disappointed.

I love the way these are served. The square pieces of dough are fried, mounded on top of little white dishes, and then liberally dusted with powdered sugar. While they are still super hot and fresh, they are rushed to the table by harassed and slightly cranky looking Asian women (go figure!) LOL.

One by one the doughnuts would disappear down my throat hole  and into my ever expending belly (which is now tender to the touch believe it or not — I kid you not, I eat like a very scary fat lady). I do wonder if I freaked out my fellow diners. The fluffy sweet squares of deliciousness didn’t have a chance.

At this point, I rolled up a one dollar bill and started snorting.

I was floating on a sugar high and coated in a fine dusting of sugar,  kind of a like a very sweet tasting geisha. It’s kind of a wonder that some sexy man didn’t start licking me.

“Woo hoo,” I thought to myself. “I am in New Orleans. Let the games begin!”


  1. You are beautiful! So, are we going to get a post like this for everything you consumed?!? 😋This could go on for weeks! 😜 I can’t wait to re-live it all!!! ✈️😎🍩🍪🍔🐠🍩☕️🍔⛈☀️♥️♥️♥️

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      1. I think each food item deserves its own post. The cemeteries, on the other hand, maybe one post. Maybe the title could be… It’s so hot I feel like I’M being cremated! Just trying to be helpful!!! 😜😜😜 It is supposed to be 98 degrees here on Sunday. Aye yai yai! I’m day dreaming of donuts! ♥️

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    1. Lestat is a creature of the night. He also doesn’t eat 😳, so we don’t move in the same circles. But I did get a very lovely tour of his home turf and got to see his family tomb. Maybe I should send him a specific invitation To meet me for an evening plate of beignets. He can just look pretty and I will eat from his plate 😜

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  2. You now have me so excited to go back to New Orleans! I went many years ago and dint like it – but it was during Mardi Gras and Super Bowl. Crazy to say the least. Seeing it through your eyes will be awesome. Im already super impressed!! Those beignets! Yum!!!

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