I’m feeling kinda badass right now.


I have one more post about New Orleans, but I’ve got to interrupt that to tell you some awesome news. That interview I went to yesterday? I was offered the job early this morning, and I accepted!!!! I am so super excited. The position is with a local college working in the financial aid department.  I start on the 27th, pending a background check. The pay is a little less than I wanted, but it’s a step up from my pervious job. The building I’m going to be working in is lovely, the people seem nice, and the work is something I’m confident  I will be really good at.

And wouldn’t you know it, I have another company that is also interested in me now too!?  What a fantastic change of pace. I feel absolutely awesome. Imagine if they end up fighting over me in some delicious money love triangle. That would be sexy.


  1. That’s so fabulous!! I also love that you have such a great attitude about the change — I sometimes find things like job changes anxiety producing and you seem confident and excited. I like that!

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    1. When u don’t have a job for 3 months, it’s different than voile tart changing jobs 😜 I had enough sitting at home. I’m ready to make some money so that I can fund some more fabulous adventures!


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