100 Things I Love

Currently I am reading a book called 100 Days of Happiness by Fausto Brizzi. It is a fascinating work of fiction about a man who finds out he has terminal cancer (ironic, huh?). The doctor tells him he has about 100 days to live. In those hundred days, he solidifies what is important to him, and there are some places in the book where he gives the reader tips on how to find out what is important to them too.

In one scene, he goes to a restaurant. On the wall, which was divided into two by a line, there was a place for patrons to write “Things I love” and “Things I hate.” Lucio, the guy dying from cancer, invites the reader to do the same. I thought I’d take him up on it. I decided to write only things I love. So here goes:

  1. Me (and why shouldn’t a person be on the top of their own list?) 
  2. My dear friends: they are few but mighty 🙂
  3. My family
  4. Finding pennies on the ground in random places (I save them in a special place, and I think of them as good luck).
  5. People who want to see others succeed– life is not a competition, we are all in this together. Nobody gets out alive, so let’s help each other!
  6. Museums
  7. A great book: I especially like the naughty bits LOL
  8. Frida Kahlo, my soul sister with a unibrow to match my own
  9. Pablo Neruda: a poet who may be the most romantic man who ever lived.
  10. Dita Von Teese’s unabashed but classy sexinessc23b39a5e5382caf4064c6dbfd0d41e2.jpg
  11. Kindness
  12. Dressing up and going somewhere fun
  13. The feel of the sun on my skin
  14. My Stella McCartney sneakers
  15. The color green
  16. Unexpected text messages
  17. That moment when you are at a restaurant and the food arrives to the table.
  18. The anticipation of an adventure
  19. Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons 
  20. Wynwood
  21. Reconnecting with people from the past (people I like LOL)
  22. The lessons my dad taught me. My favorite one is to smile even when you are scared, nervous, or uncomfortable. It throws people off.
  23. The smell of garden tomatoes
  24. Day dreaming
  25. The beach at night
  26. Hand written letters
  27. Music that make me feel empowered
  28. Ted Talks
  29. Making someone smile
  30. Delusions of grandeur… they are fun.
  31. The chocolate chip cookie at Levain
  32. Truly good bread and butter
  33. The romance of Paris, so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  34. Invader
  35. Stand up comedy
  36. Murrays Bagels in NYC
  37. Accomplishing something I wasn’t sure that I could do
  38. The scent of lilacs
  39. Baby slothsa4cd17c7b17fa0670146baa4e77c246b
  40. Cherry blossom trees in bloom
  41. Samosa chaat at a place called Shahanshah in Southall (UK). Its a tiny little hole in the wall that serves the best samosas I ever tasted.
  42. Chatty people
  43. Bubble baths
  44. Browsing in bookstores
  45. Diane Von Furstenburg dresses
  46. Having the house all to myself
  47. That feeling you get when you can tell that someone you adore loves you too
  48. Pancakes at the Wolseley in London
  49. The ceremony of a proper afternoon tea
  50. Documentaries about outer space. I can’t put my finger on why, but I find them very comforting.
  51. Baking something that makes other people happy
  52. Feeling proud of myself
  53. My iPhone
  54. Santa Maria Novella’s Rose Water
  55. Feeling confident 
  56. Unapologetic women9107e60d712e444c3cb62f5bb5c95d95
  57. Learning something new
  58. Open-mindedness
  59. That brief moment when you are sitting in the movie theater and the lights dim
  60. Good hair days
  61. Hot pretzels at the mall
  62. John Galiano’s designs during his Dior days
  63. Clear nights when you can see the stars
  64. What it feels like to be on a motorcycle 
  65. Fairy tales
  66. Optimism
  67. Cartman from South Park
  68. Lightbulb moments of inspiration
  69. Laughter that comes from the heart
  70. Kisses in the park
  71. The few people in life who allow you to be truly yourself
  72. Being healthy (though not necessarily eating healthy LOL)
  73. Good news
  74. Martha Stewart
  75. When things are done to a high standard
  76. Pinterest
  77. Being brave enough to take a risk
  78. Mr Mugatu from Zoolander
  79. YouTube
  80. The people who help you clean up a mess when everyone else has gone.
  81. Holding hands with someone I really care for.
  82. Hearing or saying “I love you”
  83. Comfy fat pants to lounge around the house in … the uglier they are, the more I like them.
  84. Red toenails
  85. When a stranger smiles at you and you smile back
  86. Movies and music from the 80’s

    From my favorite 80s movie: Some Kind of Wonderful
  87. When someone tells me they miss me
  88. Guys who smell good
  89. Old fashioned glamour
  90. Perfume and the art of perfumery
  91. Naps in the middle of the day
  92. Keeping a journal and reading through it later on. I like to see how far I’ve come.
  93. Buying little gifts for people I love
  94. Being barefoot (but not pregnant)
  95. Laughter in the midst of difficulties
  96. Bollywood, it’s an acquired taste.
  97. Botox followed by burgers
  98. That feeling you get when you know you did a good job at the gym
  99. Getting and giving compliments
  100. Love

And really, there are soooooo many more. This is such a good exercize my lovelies. I urge you to do the same on your blog. I dare you to do it and not crack a smile. Life is short. My friend T is such a perfect example of that. And yeah, it’s not always all pearls and roses, but F that! Let’s make this journey as fun and good as we can. Tell me, what are some things that you love?




  1. Awesome list, Caroline! I like the way you’ve described some ordinary things and made them sound exquisite.The stars, the ocean, hugs, barefoot in the sand, poetry, music, midnight whispers, rain on the roof, honey on toast, espresso, climbing into bed after a hot bath, climbing into bed… Haha. Is there anything better than when you feel exhausted then to climb into your comfy bed with cool sheets?

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