Why Flores is freaking fantastic and other assorted stuff…

Orange is the New Black is my favorite thing on TV these days. I just binge watched all of Season 4 in two days. I paced myself LOL. In the past I wrote about the character of Lorna, but she is less likable these days. Her particular brand of crazy went from charming to somewhat batshit in the newest season. My new OITNB girl crush is Blanca Flores. Why? Let me count the ways…

  1. She bares an uncanny resemblance to my favorite woman of all time: Frida Kahlo. Damn, I love a girl who rocks a unibrow! It almost makes me want to grow mine out. Almost.image1
  2. The woman is fearless. There is a point in Season 4 where one of the guards, in a nasty power trip, tries to  make an example of Flores by making her stand on top of the table in the cafeteria as a form of torture (this is actually much worse than it sounds, in real life, they do this to prisoners of war). Flores takes it up like a challenge rather than a punishment. She stands on that table for days! She even pees herself on the table, and she does it with a certain sort of je ne sais quoi that will make you smirk mirthlessly. Nobody else could have pulled it off like that. She was something of a Joan of Ark. Instead of becoming humbled and ridiculed, the fact that she never wavered, actually gave her a sort of grandeur that the guard could not have anticipated. Eventually she is forced off the table when the prison goes into lockdown due to an incident, but it was never because she gave up.
  3.  She doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of her. tumblr_mr5uoh9dZo1s46h7vo1_500The guards in the facility are constantly patting the women down in a very inappropriate way. Flores comes up with the idea of perfuming herself with the juice from oyster and sardine cans so that she smells positively rancid. With her matted hair and her “Eau de Mer” the guards are completely repulsed by getting too close to her. Even her friends can’t stand it, but Flores doesn’t care. She is more interested in not being groped. Fish over fucktards LOL. The woman has standards.

Other assorted stuff I want to talk about:

Well, let’s see, my birthday is in a couple of days. I have no real plans except going to Ruby Tuesdays with my grandmother on Saturday. I’m totally okay with that. My family isn’t big on birthdays. We usually just use it as an excuse to eat a lot.

And… hmmm… how do I say this…

Remember my Birthday Challenge? That thing where I wasn’t supposed to talk to any guys for 40 days? It kind of got fucked up on day 30. I will get into that more in depth in another post. To make a long story short though, I am seeing Birdy again. I am approaching it with a different mindset this time. I have the best time when we are together. I am just going to focus on that and release any expectations. I just want to focus on one thing: fun. And OMG, last night I had tons of fun.

It was totally gay. Gay with a bit of grilled cheese. It was …


WTF?!? Okay, so we went to this gay pride thing at a place called Wilton Manors. That was a first for me. Another first? I had my first visit to a gay club. It was called The Manor. Another first? I saw a lewd sex act. OMG, for real I swear I did. Plus there were drag queens, and flashing lights and it was like the most fun I had in ages. And I danced… sort of. I don’t know how to dance. Let’s define it as “interpretive dance” that way at least I get to sound somewhat arty. I am sure I looked like the biggest dork ever, but it was so much fun and if I could, I’d go back tonight.

Afterwards we had grilled cheese sandwiches at New York Grilled Cheese. They take forever to serve you, but I didn’t mind. It was worth it. It was so gooooood. Plus I got to ogle Birdy a bit, and that’s always fun. I love looking at him: total man candy.

The meat packing district sandwich at New York Grilled Cheese.
Grilled cheese with brisket, doesn’t that look divine?

It was a night I’m going to remember forever.

Oh, and an update on my friend T: since I last wrote about her, I spoke to her on two occasions. One time she sounded kind of good and upbeat, the second time she didn’t. I am just happy when I get to hear her voice. Although I don’t always know what the right thing to say is, I am happy just to listen.

My new job starts next Monday. I am both nervous and excited, as to be expected I suppose.

I’m about to press “publish.” It has come to my attention that this may be the most disjointed post I ever wrote. I’m quite the nut job methinks, but today I am a happy one.



  1. This is such a upbeat post I love it!
    I have also binge watched OITNB in the last two days, tonight I have to go back and revisit the last 3 episodes…codeine induced sleep got in my way.
    Sounds like things have turned that corner, job = good, birdy = good, grilled cheese = goooood!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like New Orleans was a nice reset button for you!

    1 – Good luck on the new job!
    2 – Yay to bday fun with granny! Happy early birthday!!
    3 – I like hearing that you’re approaching your Birdy relationship in a more carefree way. Glad you had fun with him.
    4 – I’ve been to The Manor for a bachelorette party and had a blast there! Dancing and debauchery… my favorite!

    Love hearing you happy! ❤️😘

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  3. All of this sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you.

    I was at Ruby Tuesday’s a few weeks ago. Got talked into trying their fried green beans. O.M.G. Delicious! I had the Pacific trio or something like that- tilapia, shrimp and something else. It was very good.

    Your night out with Birdy sounds divine. Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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      1. Pretty sure we stopped back in Season 2. Something about sex acts in a bathroom stall or something. The littlest things set BE off!!! LOL, just kidding!!! 😉 I’ll binge watch during the day if I can figure out the Apple TV! xx

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      2. It’s on Netflix, but I can also explain to u how to download it elsewhere if you want. OITNB has a few of those scenes in every season, so if BE isn’t in a place to see it, watch it on your own. It is such a good series.

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      3. BE fell in love with OITNB. He binge watched the first season while in the hospital Summer 2013. Then we binge watched it again over our wedding anniversary weekend. Well, then all hell broke loose and by the time we picked it back up in Season 2, he was no longer in the same place (thankfully) and we had to stop. Yeah, the Apple TV has Netflix, Hulu, all that. I just need to find the remote. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yourself. It sounds like you had a fabulous week!!! xoxo

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