Feelin’ Fine Friday


The past two weeks have had its share of ups and downs. The big downer was a very ugly text conversation between Birdy and I.  Suffice it to say, it was nasty, and I doubt there will ever be any further communication between us, which is sad because I really loved him *le sigh.* Unfortunately that’s not mutual. I guess it’s his loss. I don’t know what his problem is. I’m a fucking delight. When the time is right, I’m just going to put myself back on Match.com and try dating again. Till then, I’m just going to be awesome on my own.

Despite this, life has been pretty freaking good to me lately. Here are five things which are making me mightily amused at the moment.

  1. My car. Oh my goodness, it is so fabulous having a car of my own. I’m still getting used to it. I’m a bit of a nervous driver. My car just feels so big (because I’m used to driving my mother’s tiny one). I haven’t been very adventurous… yet. I’ve just been taking myself to work and back, and there was one trip to the mall. That will change as I get more comfortable. It was a little scary for me to spend that much money (I paid in full).  My friend MJ said that the expense was the price of freedom. So right! I really think a lot more doors will be open to me as a result.
  2. My 1 year anniversary at my job came around. I feel blessed beyond measure to have the job I have. The company I work for has excellent ethics, and the people I work with make my job something that I’m happy to wake up early in the morning for. My boss is lovely. Sometimes I feel like my job is one of the best things I got going for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have days that are utterly craptastic, but on the whole, I can honestly say that I love my job. I can’t wait to get promoted!
  3. Free stuff: I’ve been able to get some lovely free goodies lately.
  • I got a $200 gas gift card that I redeemed from credit card points I didn’t even know I had (and truthfully I don’t understand why I have them, but whatevaaaaa LOL).
  • There was also enough to get a free $15 Panera card. I’m always at Panera.
  • I got a $10 credit from Godiva  (sign up for their rewards card … so worth it). 
  • Best of all, a dear friend helped me to access some airline credit which allows me a free round trip ride to NYC. I’m going in early October. I’m doing it on the cheap, but I know it will get expensive once I get there … that’s how I roll dollies.Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 4.28.55 PM.png4. I reached my goal weight. My goal was to get to below 120 pounds. I weighed myself on Saturday and the scale registered 118.8. How freaking cool is that? I’m officially thin (kind of). I’m super pleased with myself. If I’m being completely real though, I think I look exactly the same.796adf08508c65a67477248656f6ad7b--brownie-batter-cake-batter.jpg5. Tei Shi’s “Basically”:  I love browsing YouTube and finding artists that I never heard of before. Tei Shi is kind of a gem. My favorite song of hers is called Basically. It’s a great song with an almost 80s appeal and a totally upbeat vibe. It just plain old makes makes me feel good, and isn’t that what life is all about?


  1. Sorry about Birdy, Caroline, but your list of happy things is pretty freakin’ awesome. IMO, officially thin is nice compensation for a number of things including temporary enjoyment of Godiva guilt free.

    I’ve heard good things about Match.com and have several friends who have successfully met people through it. When you’re ready, I’ll wish you fun since you ARE a fucking delight and don’t need luck.

    Happy Friday! 🍔🍪🍾

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      1. Lol. Match.com is the site Roger found his twu wuv on. The Widow Sadz had a friend who found hers there. So, good luck, Caroline. Just as usual, approach these guys with a healthy amount of caution xxx

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  2. No no no, Mr. Rogers would never have stuck up his middle fingers. I put him up there on a pedestal with Jimmy Carter. Two of my all time favorite men. My hope for you is that you open yourself up to meeting a man in one of the those lovely places you frequent, someone gazing at street art, or shoving a HUGE cheeseburger in his mouth, or perusing travel books in the book store. I know I am old, and a romantic, but I have no love for dating sites (and of course no real knowledge of them either other than what people have told me and what I have read on line). I know, I know, sometimes it’s a game of numbers, but say you “accidentally” bump into a cute guy while out walking at lunch time… or sit in a coffee shop with your favorite book and make flirty eyes at every guy, of a certain age (with hair of course) that notices you. I don’t know. I just want something more for you. Look up with those beautiful brown eyes and make eye contact. What do you have to lose? I love you. ❤ K

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    1. Ah that would be so wonderful to meet someone in an organic way like that. I’d love to find someone I love while doing what I love. I keep my mind open to possibilities. I just never had that happen to me… you never know. I love you too ♥️♥️♥️


  3. I love this post. Aside from Birdy being an asshole and showing his true colors. Because I don’t like you hurting. But good riddance to him.
    Man, your list rocks! What a series of fabulous accomplishments! Skinny, rocking a car, loving your job, traveling… sounds like you are doing amazing.
    And btw… I met Captain on Match. Not saying everyone has luck there. But I never expected nor gave online dating any serious thought and then bam! I meet the man of my dreams. So, I’m a fan of it… but I’m biased! Lol 😘❤️

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      1. I think waiting is an excellent idea. You have the right attitude. You keep collecting all this goodness in your life, the rest will come when it’s the right time. (And I feel the exact same way! 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️)

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