100 Things I Love 4.0, Birthday Edition

  1. My red Charlotte Olympia flip flops with the tiger on it.
  2. Big sunglasses
  3. When a man buys me flowers
  4. Allowing myself to enjoy great food. Sometimes, you just gotta say, “Fuck calories.” Life is meant to be lived!IMG_0676.jpg
  5. Nuetrogena’s cheap and cheerful Swiss Formula hand cream. I haven’t found a luxury brand that makes a better one.
  6. My privacy 
  7. Having proof of guys being assholes by documenting my conversation with a screenshot. 
  8. I love that being happy is free and accessible to everyone.
  9. Hash browns at McDonalds, a guilty but greasy delicious pleasure.
  10. Having an occasion to get dressed up for.
  11. When you stop trying to force connections that deep down you know will never work.
  12. Moon drop grapes.
  13. Ice cream sandwiches
  14. Naps in the sunlight
  15. Vintage and mismatched china for tea.
  16. Doing little treatments for myself: hair masks, doing my toe nails, fancy face creams. Sometimes I forget to do these things, and when I restart them, I realize how necessary they are.
  17. Mr Rogers, I truly think the man was an American hero.
  18. My MacbookPro
  19. Taking care of my spirit when it’s tired.
  20. The smell of night blooming jasmine.
  21. Yelp — not so much for the reviews, but I love being able to look at the pictures before I decide what to order.
  22. Realizing later on that I dodged a bullet after not getting something I desperately  wanted.
  23. Getting my period. I know this will seem odd to you, but I love getting my period. It lets me know I’m working the way I should be and I’m not pregnant. That’s important lol. 
  24. Deleting voice mails before I even listened to them — okay I probably shouldn’t admit that one, but whatever, it’s true.
  25. When you see a picture of a boyfriend’s ex and you accidentally spit on your iPhone out of sheer hilarity 
  26. Keeping my cool when I’m under pressure (like that ever happens).Image-1.png
  27. The Handmaid’s Tale, a great series on Hulu. This retelling is actually way better than the book, which I read in college.
  28. When Prince grills me chicken and we have dinner outside. There is something about those moments that make me feel very content and cared for.
  29. The way I feel after I do weights (not like I even remember the last time I did that).
  30. Getting indoors right before it starts to pour with rain.
  31. Chanel No. 5 – it’s a classic for a reason!
  32. Dancing in the bathroom
  33. Niel Patrick Harris 
  34. Consistency
  35. Seeing someone you love succeeding. Sometimes I think people forget that life is not a competition, there is room for everyone to win.
  36. New York
  37. When someone offers to make me tea
  38. Those rare people who stick around … even if you throw an epic hissy.
  39. The pancakes at Chez Ma Tante, worth a trip to Williamsburg. 
  40. Neck kisses, they give me goosebumps.
  41. Trusting in possibilities and not giving up.
  42. Coming across an amazing piece of street art by accident.IMG_0483.jpg
  43. Bergdorf Goodman’s flagship store in NYC — I cant afford to shop there, but whateva. To quote Ashley Longshore, “there’s no crying at Bergdorf’s.”
  44. Christian Louboutin’s Bianca platform shoes *le sigh* … if only…
  45. The smell, heat, texture, and taste of the freshly baked pitas my dad makes when they come straight from the oven.
  46. Taco Tuesday at Rubio’s … I love those fish tacos.
  47. When someone remembers something very minor and random I once said. It makes me feel like that a person cares enough to truly listen. There’s few things so satisfying as feeling heard.
  48. Times where I can snag enough seats on an airplane to stretch out and take a little nap in the sky.
  49. Marvis toothpaste
  50. Crumpets (I buy them at Trader Joe’s) with butter and honey. Scrummylicious!
  51. Discovering luxurious new beauty products. Right now I have my beady little eyes on two colors of Gucci lip glosses. Perhaps I’ll indulge myself in a little treat this weekend.
  52. When someone does the hard work for me — ah yes, the things I will do to avoid my responsibilities. Manipulation and bribery, it’s all good. IMG_0671.jpg
  53. Le Coucou in NYC, dreamy, delicious, and indulgent.
  54. Thunder and lightening 
  55. Ashley Longshore’s “You Dont Look Fat, You Look Crazy” — there are so many great lines in that book, but the one that moves me most is “fear is the catalyst for action.” Totally Ashley, you fucking nailed it.
  56. Talking’ the occasional shit about someone who pisses me off *shrugs shoulders*
  57. Brie de Meaux cheese. It boggles my mind why it is illegal in the US. I think it’s positively heavenly.
  58. Taking a break
  59. Free samples
  60. Long walks with my guy which end at a stop at a local Italian bakery for my favorite cheesecake ever. Prince never fails to ask me if I want cheesecake. The answer is always the same.o.jpg
  61. Days when you KNOW you look good.
  62. The smell of popcorn in at the movies
  63. Troll dolls, yes, really.
  64. Gummy vitamins, because they taste like candy but they are actually good for you.
  65. What it feels like to wake up and see someone you love right next to you. 
  66. Inside jokes 
  67. Taking a shower with the window open and being able to watch the rain outside.
  68. Knowing that despite all the hurt and horrible stuff out there, that there will always be kindness.
  69. When my stats for the month at work are on point
  70. Ridiculously large pieces of cake
  71. When someone has enough faith and trust in me to confide a secret
  72. Cute yoga clothes — not that I do yoga, but I certainly got my share of lovely overpriced gear.
  73. List writing… I don’t know, it’s just a thing for me. I like writing lists and I like crossing things out when I get them done.
  74. Sexy accents
  75. Swimming in a pool in my underwear 
  76. Lavender and Earl Grey (aka London Fog) and matcha lattes tea
  77. Checking out the new cookbook releases at the bookstore
  78. When Karma does the dirty work for me … so satisfying!
  79. Panatonne. I like it in it’s undressed form. I like it toasted with a bit of butter. I adore it as decadent French toast. Why isn’t it popular all year round? I should stockpile it.
  80. Big soft T-shirt’s that I can sleep in, the ones that have been washed many times and feel like buttah.
  81. Being made to feel included.
  82. Pet names / nicknames
  83. Credit card intro offers. I know I got over $1000 of free stuff this year without spending a penny of my own… you just got to know how to work the system.
  84. Having a full tank of gas
  85. Dulce de leche 
  86. Music that makes me feel sexy and powerful.
  87. When wishes come true in a way that is better than you could have imagined.Image-1.png
  88. Solo adventures, I love proving to myself time and time again that I can do things on my own.
  89. The feeling you get when you do something nice for someone and you can tell that they really appreciate it.
  90. Conversations so good that you are amazed when you look at the time and realize you have been chatting forever.
  91. The feeling I get at 4:59pm when I turn off the computer to go home after the end of a long work day. 
  92. The feeling I get at 5:02 when I’m in my car and I start the engine to go home  … yes, bliss. Image-1.png
  93. Genuine random compliments — giving and receiving them.
  94. When something lives up to the hype.
  95. Days where you wake up and realize you don’t have to go to work and the endless possibilities there are for fun.
  96. Being a woman
  97. My resilient heart
  98. New beginnings 
  99. True and deep friendships
  100. Commemorating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries: I love any opportunity for cake– just in case that isn’t abundantly clear. Oh, by the way, today IS my birthday, just so you know.


Birthday kisses to you all. I love you guys.  Send gifts. I don’t mind if they are a little late. I’m cool like that.


  1. I will always love you, and I wish I could cook for you and we could go get cheesecake together…


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