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So truth is that I had a shitty week. Really shitty. My mom hasn’t been well (I kind of loathe to get into it, I find it kind of scary and embarrassing to talk about), work has been breaking my back (nothing earth shattering, but you know that can suck), and I have been feeling overlooked. I know we all feel this way sometimes. Different problems of course, but we all have moments where we need a pick me up. We all need to be reminded of who we REALLY are: powerful, beautiful, and limitless beings. 

Here are five ways that I tried to work on that today:

Awesome music: I have music that suits all my moods. There is some stuff that I listen to that’s totally hard and kick ass, some that’s goth and moody, and some that makes me feel very feminine and spiritual. We all have different tastes and different sides to our personality. One thing is the same for all of us though: music is some powerful ass magic. Sometimes you gotta put on your headphones (Bose, dear), block out the rest of the world, and loose yourself in sound. Just totally feel it. Immerse yourself into it. FEEL it. BE it. Dance if your wishes move you. Take your music out for walk or a run in nature if you are feeling it.  It’s all good.

I ate good food: Now, I’m not talking about bingeing, though we all know I am not averse to that (goddesses don’t regulate themselves, after all). What I’m talking about eating food that is good for you, but also delicious. A coconut macaroon won’t kill ya either dollies, not when they are from Godiva. Aside from my sugar laden Scooby Snack of choice though, today I also indulged in thick Greek yogurt covered in  a luxurious sweet honey that I’ve been saving for something special, and some incredibly tasty avocado toast with juicy tomatoes. Who doesn’t love avocados, right? I drink my special tea that I adore, and I just savor the flavors. 

I was selfish with my time: There are moments where everyone needs to kinda fuck off. They might be fabulous, but fuck off they must. And then there are people who really don’t deserve your energies. You know who I’m talking about. You are totally thinking about someone right now, aren’t you LOL? Sometimes you need to be selfish and be all about you, because we both know, nobody else will do this for you. Turn off your phone. Maybe lock the door to your room. Or maybe just get out. Today I became invisible for a while (though honestly, I don’t think anyone noticed–that sorta sucks, but whatevs).

I took a bath. Maybe it is because I’m a water sign, but there are few things so soothing as a nice bath (with a ridiculously overpriced scented candle—Walmart can kiss my ass. Frugality has no place when it comes to self care.) Bubbles or bath oil. It’s all good. Sometimes I lie there, just kind of motionless and feel the warm water around me. Sometimes I listen to guided meditations on YouTube. Just follow whatever your heart wants. Maybe some cookies? I don’t know, just sayin.’ If the crumbs get in the tub, it’s no biggie, they will all just go down the drain, so actually, it’s really pretty genius.

I made a face mask. When I was in NYC I stopped in one of my favorite little shops: Kalustyan’s. I’m not sure how I describe the place. It’s kind of like a witch’s cupboard of the weird and wonderful. It is a food store, but it sells these magical ingredients that you just won’t find anywhere else. This time, one of the unusual ingredients I purchased was Organic Rose Petal Powder… Now what would I do what that? Well I’m kind of obsessed with rose as a flavor, so I bought it, and I decided I’d figure it out later. After doing a bit of research I decided to make a face mask out of it. Supposedly, it is a natural skin toner. I mixed the rose petal powder and honey (full of antioxidants) to form a thick dark colored paste and slathered it onto my skin (after I tried to taste it … yeah, really). I left it on for a good 20 minutes, and then washed it off. Rinsing it off with water is a bit messy. But do you know what? It actually produced great results. I wouldn’t lie to you on this. My skin felt felt very soft and looked very fresh and healthy in a way that it does not normally. I am going to make this a weekly habit, as it feels quite indulgent, and I adore self care. If you can find this crazy ingredient, try it out for yourself. 

I want to also try adding little spoon of the powder into hot chocolate. Would it be as yummy as I imagine? Watch this space.

I think its super important to discuss how we pull ourselves out of negativity rather than wallow in it. Feelings are like visitors, they come and go, but sometimes the yucky ones will want to hang out just a bit too long if you invite them to tea. So let’s talk about this my lovelies, how do you vanquish the nasties?

Let me start with a recommendation of what NOT to do when you are in New York. Don’t go to Vu Hair at the Peninsula Hotel. DON’T!!!!  Do. Fucking. Not!!! Getting my hair cut in New York has always been a treat for me. I try to go somewhere special. It’s a little way I like to spoil myself. This time I was trying a lovely sounding salon on the 22nd floor of a grand hotel. It got great Yelp reviews. I was excited. Well… Moi was in for a nasty surprise. ScissorHands did not listen to me when I told him what I wanted: three to four inches off the bottom and layering on the side.  Instead, my almost waist long hair (when straightened) was hacked to little more than shoulder length (a good 8 inches off). I was devastated. Into the lobby bathroom I went, where I cried for about twenty minutes — well, if you are going to cry like a big baby, it might as well be in some fancy bathroom. It heightens the drama. Am I right?

I always thought my hair was the most special part of me, the thing that made me pretty. My hair has always been long. From childhood, I have associated long hair with beauty. So to have it chopped so significantly… it was both shocking and somewhat devastating. It’s just hair, I know, but somehow the end result felt so brutal. Yeah, yeah, “it will grow back,” they tell me, like this is going to make things better. IN A FUCKING YEAR!!!! I now feel as attractive as a sack of potatoes.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so vain. I am more than what I look like. I know that. But even now as I write, I’m still upset about it. Traumatic.

Fuck that though. I’m still gonna roll like a gangsta. Shitty hair be damned. I shall move from the worst part of my vacation to the best. I saw my first ever concert. Going to see Florence + The Machine was the main reason for my trip. I didn’t know what to expect. Yeah, I could have seen her closer to home, but why would I do that when I could see her in Brooklyn? Makes no sense. Was it weird that I was going alone? Maybe a little, huh? I was nervous. Dealing with the unknown is always a little scary for me, but at the same time, I try to be brave. I don’t want life to pass me by. Was I going to stick out like a sore thumb? Was it going to be just completely and utterly awkward? 

Actually my dears, it was awesome. Ah Florence… could I possibly be more in love? Words don’t describe it. Her angelic aura, her super powerful voice, the way she danced in her diaphanous gown and bare feet, her beautiful bright spirit that lit up the Barclay Center. She is just so utterly lovely. Mostly she sang songs from her newest release, “High as Hope,” but there were some of her beloved classics too. Magical my lovelies, magical. I sang (yes, me!) … I even danced (if you could call it that). It was so special, a memory I will cherish forever.


Of course there was plenty of eating. You know how I do, dollies. But I mostly stuck with my old favorites, so I am not going to bore you with stuff I’ve already written about previously. Suffice it to say, weight was surely gained. Need a fat ass to balance my awkward coiffure, methinks. And then there was the street art.

I found five Invader pieces to add to Moi collection. That always thrills me to bits.

And then I have some other beauties to share…

Random fabulous
Gumshoe Art, aka Angela China
Public art installation by Derek Fordjour
Vandal Gummy
Piece by Buff Monster, Brooklyn
Not Bad For a Girl, Indie184
D*Face — somewhere of off Lafayette and Broome Street

Things have been very even and quiet. Nothing monumentally exciting since my birthday post. These days, I’m happy to say, that although there are a few bored days, sad days have declined dramatically, which is completely awesome. Is it because I’m not stressing over any guys anymore? I wonder. As usual, I always try to find happiness where it’s available. I try to relish those those things and immerse myself in them as best I can . Here are some things making me happy at the moment…

My MacBook Pro. This is my first post written from my very own computer. Although I have yet to get comfortable with all the features, I am loving my new laptop. I was told by a coworker (who used to work at Apple), that what I bought was way too sophisticated for my needs. Whatever dear, whatever. I like knowing that I have the best. It’s a big purchase, so I prefer knowing that by spending extra, I have future proofed my new toy. This little lovely ain’t goin’ nowhere. One of the coolest features is the little strip above the keyboard, the touch bar. Looks the freakin’ business even if I don’t know how to use it too well.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.00.24 AM.png
Retail therapy: yeah, so on that note I do love spending a bit of money. When I’m down, my two go to’s are eating and retail therapy. I get that from my mom. Well hey, at least I’m not smoking crack with Satan, eh? I’m just ringing up charges at Anthropologie. They have some super cute stuff fright now. I got these adoreable chinos for work (which I’ve already worn), plus I bought a dress I liked. I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I hope it fits right. Don’t ask me where I’m going to wear it, that’s irrelevant LOL. Originally it was $228 and I got it on sale for about $80. I adore the cute fish print.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.05.50 AM.png
Rubios fish tacos: speaking of fish, I positively adore the fried fish tacos at Rubio’s. I’d say I’m becoming a regular. Yeah, it’s a chain, but what can I say, when it’s right, it’s right. The Fish Taco Especial? Sooooooooo right. I love the hot and crispy deep fried shell that surrounds the flaky pollock, I love the coolness of the avocado and the sauces they use. I love it how they make everything on the spot and everything is super fresh. Sure, grilled is healthier, and they do that too, but life is short. This is one of my go to’s when I am in need of a delicious treat meal. AND it’s cheap. These are $2 each on Taco Tuesday (though I usually save this for the weekend). These tacos are so much better than what I’ve had in much pricier restaurants. Get these tacos in your belly if this chain exists in your neck of the woods. These really are amazing!!!

NTT80_G_NE_Original_v2 copy

Nail Envy by OPI: I’ve never been one to really care about my nails. I’ve only gotten a manicure once in my life, and probably wouldn’t bother again. I keep my nails kind of short. I wear contact lenses, so it’s not really conducive for putting them in and taking them out. On occasions when I have tried to grow my nails, I haven’t been successful. They aren’t that strong and usually tear when I’m in the shower. Lately, however, I’ve been trying to focus a bit more on self care, and doing my fingernails and toenails is part of that. And you know what? This stuff actually works! It’s not terribly cheap ($18), but this product is definitely worth it. It gives a bit of shine, and my nails have never been stronger or healthier. I don’t intend to grow them long or paint them any colors (I’m not a fan of that look), but they do look very well groomed and kind of elegant. That makes me happy.

Yesterday I went to see Won’t You Be My Neighbor, a beautiful documentary about Fred Rodgers (aka Mr. Rogers), a man whose footsteps of love will echo into time. What an incredibly beautiful soul.  There is a saying I like, “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” Mr. Rogers was all of those things. His message touched me deeply. I actually cried several times. Despite that,  watching this movie made my heart feel lighter. I was inspired, and I was encouraged by the simple goodness that we all have inside of us. I know we all want to appear all worldly and cool, but if you think of it, isn’t simplicity and love the highest form of sophistication? Isn’t it the paired down, minimalistic truth of what we supposed to be as humans? I think so. I leave you today with my favorite Mr. Rogers quotes. Reading them makes my heart feel giant, happy, and hopeful.







Valentine’s Day is about to rear its ugly face again. Please, pass me a Hallmark card. Don’t forget the envelope, that’s for the vomit, don’tcha know. I thought this year on my blog I’d do something different. I don’t want to waste space discussing my lamentable love life. Nah, old news. Instead today’s post is sort of a love letter … to myself. And why not? Rather than waiting for some guy to tell me how special I am, maybe I can just do that for myself, after all, they surely don’t know me the way I know me.

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. It’s not that I’ve given up looking for a partner. It’s just that it’s gradually sinking in that nobody will ever fit the job description better than I will. And so, I want to treat myself with all the love and kindness that my imaginary perfect boyfriend would. Gloria Steinem hit the nail on the head when she said, “Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” Is it sad, or is it awesome, that I have more of the qualities I look for in a man inside of me than the men I encounter?

I want to take the time to care about how I feel and do nice little things for myself to make life more beautiful. Should a wonderful man cross my path, well that would be excellent. He could be the cherry on the cake that I baked myself. And should he not come around, well that cake will be damned fine without him. Well that’s what I’m going for anyways.

If I had a partner, I’d love to sit and listen to all the reasons why he loves me. The ego wants what it wants, eh? Who doesn’t like hearing about how awesome they are? Today I write about what I love most about myself, and I kind of recommend you do the same, partner or not. Our partners can be clueless when it comes to knowing how to meet our needs at times. And furthermore, it’s not fair to them to expect them to be mind-readers. Even the best girl/guy won’t be able to accommodate 100% of what we wish from them 100% of the time, so some of that needs to come from ourselves. We all have bad days. They will too. And when we stop giving them the power to effect our mood (easier said than done, for sure), it can be very liberating. I think maybe meeting my own needs isn’t the worst idea I’ve come up with.

Reasons why I love me:

My resilient heart: despite having had my heart broken, time after time, I heal. I heal like a mutha fucka… and I manage to do it without bitterness. I still believe in love, and I will never give up. I leave my heart open to possibilities.

My ability to see the good in people: Some will say it’s naievity, I say it’s anything but. We all have good and bad, we all have beauty. What we find in others is actually a reflection of ourselves, not the person we are observing. I choose to see the good. That’s the way I like my world to be.

My stillness: I like that I am quiet. I like that I can be comfortable not showing off or screaming for attention. I like my soft voice. I think there is beauty in restraint, a peacefulness and an elegance.

My smile: I do have an awesome smile… for real. You would be jealous.

My appreciation for beauty: I love the way my beady little eyes seek out beauty. I think I have an amazing aesthetic. I am able to enjoy all sorts of art from street art to the old masters. I find beauty everywhere I go, and quite frankly, being able to do that makes me feel very wealthy indeed. Maybe it’s because I can appreciate the finer things as well as the simple ones, without the need for ownership. I consider that a very great blessing.

Happy Valentine’s Day to myself, my best girl, my ride or die. I love you.


Has it ever occurred to you how ridiculously difficult it is to be female?  Why do we pluck, bleach, dye, shave, and wax hairs? Why do we wear heels that contort our feet into positions which are not only torturous but also unhealthy for the human body? Why do we straighten our hair with irons and treat it with chemicals? Why do some of us inject poison into our bodies and use mild acids on our skin? Why? Because God forbid we wrinkle (after all, we all know the worst thing a woman can do is get old …  or fat)!   I am guilty of many of these things. There is no reason to be coy. I’m guessing you are too, because if you are reading my blog, you are probably a woman.

Growing up I remember my mom brushing my hair. I remember having this huge knot right behind my neck that had to be unmatted. It took her ages to detangle me. I was crying and upset, and my mother said something to me I will never forget: “A little pain is a little beauty.”

The things we do to be “beautiful” are really over the top stupid. Imagine if you were an alien looking at us from outer space and you saw that all these tortures were not only self inflicted, painful, and expensive; but that we deeply wanted them. What would you think? Us women are a strange bunch. But if you think a little deeper, there is more to it than that.

I just read the most amazing book called Dietland by Sarai Walker. It made me think a lot about all the self harm we do in order to fit someone else’s idea of what women should be. Someone needs to slap those people. We are rad as fuck just the way we are, dontcha know!? When it comes to Dietland,  what looks like some ordinary chick lit, with its cutsey little cover, is actually one of the most eye poppingly unique feminist manifestos I have ever had the pleasure of reading (and that’s saying quite a bit as I do a lot of reading and have a minor in Women’s Studies). It starts off being about a fat girl who goes by the name of Plum. Plum is trapped in her 300+ pound fleshy suit of armor which prevents her from living the life she wants. Instead of relationships and romance, she gets snide and nasty comments. Instead of feeling worthwhile and beautiful, she covers herself in loose clothes trying to go unnoticed. She is contemplating gastric bypass surgery when the story opens. What actually unfolds, however, is not your typical fat girl gets thin and gets a guy book. No indeed. What happens, as Plum’s journey unfolds, is that Dietland leads the reader to question why being fat is actually so bad. For that matter, why as women, do we feel such a desperate need to cling to almost unattainable standards in order to feel that we have worth? Is beauty the most important thing to aspire to? Aren’t we more than the flesh suits we live in? Maybe our fat / unibrows / excessive body hair / flat chests / aging bodies aren’t really the problem.

Dietland  was not just an engaging read. At times it is dark and hardcore, at times it is funny and sweet. It also made me angry … but in a good way. Some of the characters in this book were also angry, and the novel explores what happens when women stop trying to be all sugar and spice and decide to fight back. Dietland will leave you with a smile on your face, an unapologetic door stopper of cake in your hand, and a feeling of empowerment. This book is for any woman who ever felt like she was “less than.” So yeah, this book is for anyone who is a woman. I wish I was rich like Oprah and could buy a copy for every single woman I know. I hope you read it.

Okay, so so far unemployment hasn’t been that bad. In fact, its been kind of awesome. There I was on a Friday, lying on the marble steps of the hammam at The Standard Spa / Hotel in Miami Beach.  It was ever so warm. Tranquil music played almost imperceptibly in the background. I felt happy. Truly happy. A thought occurred to me, “Hey, I could be at work right now!” The loan contracts, the phosphorescent lighting… *shudder.* It occurred to me how lovely it would be to send a little selfie of myself luxuriating in my retro styled swimsuit to my boss B … alas, I did not have her number (we weren’t besties, go figure). I could see the picture and the caption in my mind’s eye, it would be me with a big toothpaste commercial worthy smile, and underneath it would say, “Miami Bitch.” Oh dear, I do think the diva inside me got out of her cage.

After coming back from NYC (posts to follow), I was feeling a little worse for wear. I had a bad cold. My skin was almost “burnt” from the freezing cold weather, and I just wasn’t feeling to good about myself after eating about 25% of the city’s food supply. Birdy decided he would take me to the Standard for a day of relaxation — he is so awesome, please God, if I have ever done a good deed in my life, let me keep him.


I tried the steam room for the first time in my life. Except for the fact that it turned my lovingly straightened hair into an afro, I think I fell just the teensiest bit in love. I positively adored the almost (but not) oppressive wet heat. It did wonders for my chapped skin, not to mention that it felt amazing. We sat by the pool. We rested in a hammock together. We ate a giant late lunch which consisted of mini burgers, chicken wings, burrata, and guacamole — somehow I always find the least healthy options (even at the spa), what can I say? It’s a gift. The whole time we were in our bathrobes. It was freaking awesome.




We slept over in one of the rooms. Did we go all the way? I’m going to leave you guessing on that one. All I will say is that I’m not sure if Birdy has the kind of deep feelings for me that I wish he did. I am just pinching myself, telling myself to stop worrying and just enjoy the moment. I am always overthinking these things. I need to learn to stop that.

Breakfast on the water. Life is good.
Speaking of enjoying the moment, I did something that would make Dr ManWhore die on the spot. I went on a motorcycle! I hate motorcycles. Well, I thought I did. That was until I did the unthinkable. Birdy put on my helmet, I got behind him, and at first I was terrified… and then a few minutes passed and it went from scary to awesome. We drove through Wynwood, and gosh, being there behind him… I’m not sure how to describe it except to say it was good, very good indeed.

Yeah, this unemployment thing isn’t so bad.


This week, for the first time in my life, I bought myself perfume. I have never owned a perfume that wasn’t bought for me. Actually, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I even really liked the stuff. My love for perfume came after going to a talk by Roja Dove which was held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. What an amazing man he is, a storyteller if there ever was one. His passion for scent was positively infectious, and thus my own love affair for perfume took shape. Now actually, though I say that I love perfume, this does not mean that I am one of those women with a hundred fragrances on my countertop. No, that would be my mother LOL, the one who can’t pass up the free gifts with purchase. I choose to only wear one fragrance. I like the idea that people will associate a certain lovely scent with a certain lovely Caroline.

Back in the day, my signature scent was the highly ubiquitous Chanel No 5. It had to be the Eau de Parfum (the one in the tiny bottle), and it had to be purchased in Paris. Yep, I was really high maintenance… and you would infer correctly if you guessed that despite the major lifestyle change I’ve had since the separation with my ex, I still have delusions of grandeur. But why not huh? Am I not the heroine of my own fairy tale? I chose to wear Chanel No 5, because not only was strong and unapologetic, but it was also very classic and feminine… a truly lovely scent. The problem is, when I was in the midst of my separation process I sold lots of my things on Ebay, including my entire collection of Chanel No 5 stuff. It was purchased by an absolute weirdo who tried to “befriend” me. Ever since, I couldn’t help associate the scent with him, and the feelings I was going through as I had to liquidate my life online. It wasn’t the best of times. I never replaced my lovely perfume.

Then, one day I purchased my beloved Santa Maria Novella rose water online from Ades de Venustas —the most charming little perfume store which I have ever had the pleasure of visiting (and I have been to quite a few) in New York City. When my rose water arrived, it also came with some perfume samples which were decanted into little unlabeled vials. That is when I discovered a scent that was truly me. It is not the powerhouse that is Chanel No 5, but it is my idea of magic in a bottle. When I first put it on my skin, it smelled like how I would imagine a fairy would smell after she had been running through an icy forest: woody and fern-like but with a sort of effervescent quality. And like magic, that scent changes into something else, something somewhat spicy and reminiscent of incense. It is completely unique, and I love it that there are absolutely no floral scents involved. It is, what is called in the perfume world, a fougere. Fougeres are typically marketed to men. This scent is not actually feminine but I wouldn’t describe it solely masculine either. No, how I would describe it is  “deliciously magical”… well, at least I think so. Fou  d’Absinthe  by L’Artisan Parfumeur is undoubtedly my signature scent. I love it that this is the first perfume I ever bought for myself. I love it that I associate it with no other human being except Moi-self. I love how it makes me feel: free and worldly but mysterious, somewhat obscure (in the best possible way), and slightly enchanted. I’m going to be wearing this one for many years.

Do you have a signature scent? If so, what is it? I would love to know. Time to share with the class.

My favorite red hair quote, by Sylvia Plath.
My favorite red hair quote, by Sylvia Plath.

I remember the day very clearly when I found out that my parents were going to get a divorce. I was twelve. We were at my grandparent’s house. My grandfather took me aside and and gave me the news. Although I cant remember exactly what he said, I do remember him hugging me, and this unbearable grief that crawled into my heart and rested there like a heavy black lump of grief. I remember the big fat tears as they slid down my face. Till this day, when I remember it, I am not 100% sure that all of those tears were mine. I actually think that some of them were my grandfather’s tears (which fell on to my face as he hugged me).

That was back in 1987. We had VCRs back then. My grandfather used to record movies and stuff for my sisters and I to watch to keep us busy and entertained while we were visiting. That day, it was the complete first series of Anne of Green Gables. Despite the deeply solemn atmosphere of the day, I became completely enraptured by the lovely Anne Shirley. In fact, I think I fell just a little bit in love with her. I dare say, she was my first girl crush.

There was something about Anne that resonated with me in a way that bordered on magical. She was smart, she was beautiful, she had heartache and poetry in her soul. She was my kind of girl. In many ways, she was me, just better. Although Anne is a completely fictional character, she was real to me. She had the power to distract me from the pain of my parents’ divorce — even if it was only for a few hours. I will always be grateful to her for holding my hand during the most difficult hours of my early years.

Anyway, that was the day that I decided that I wanted to have red hair, just like Anne did. Although Anne doesn’t like her fiery locks whatsoever (she grew into it later though), I thought they were stunning. And you know what? Apparently Mad Man’s bombshell Christina Hendricks, a very popular model called Karen Elson, also took to Anne as their source of inspiration when it came to hair color.

Now let me be frank here, my hair isn’t actually red. Its more of a dark brown with a reddish tone. You can only really appreciate my hair’s color if the sun is out, or when I am under certain types of light. I am naturally a very dark brunette, and without bleaching my hair, I could never actually be a true redhead. But I adore the red hue which I have developed after many years of applying Feria’s “Cherry Crush” (R57). It makes me feel pretty.

Today I shall share with you some of my favorite pictures of red haired wonders. I hope you enjoy them.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a stunning redhead
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a stunning redhead
"The Accolade" by Edmund Blair Leighton.  Red haired women with long luxuriant hair were a common theme in Pre-Raphealite art.
“The Accolade” by Edmund Blair Leighton. Red haired women with long luxuriant hair were a common theme in Pre-Raphealite art.
Lily Cole, one of my favorite beauties.
Lily Cole, one of my favorite beauties.
A beautiful mermaid who looks remarkably like how my mother looked many years ago (minus the tail), by John William Waterhouse.
A beautiful mermaid who looks remarkably like how my mother looked many years ago (minus the tail), by John William Waterhouse.
The one and only Anne Shirley, the one who started it all for me.
The one and only Anne Shirley, the one who started it all for me.

No reason to hate me because I'm beautiful. Today I'm going to share my  beauty secrets!
No reason to hate me because I’m beautiful. Today I’m going to share my beauty secrets!

Today I wanted to talk about something that has nothing to do with men. Sometimes they just aren’t worth talking about LOL… geez, what a headache! Someone once interviewed a lady who lived to be in her 100s, and she said the secret to her longevity was realizing that men just weren’t worth it… I got to say, all the tears of frustration we cry over men, they sure can age a girl. Not good.

Today I want to talk about something fun and girly: beauty. I am big into skin care, much more so than makeup. If you have good skin, you don’t need tons of makeup. And loads of makeup, while it can look amazing from far, is not that pretty on close inspection. I only really wear makeup when I want to impress someone. Other than that, I’d just rather skip it. I prefer to be natural.

Since I moved to Florida, my skin isn’t as in great shape as it was when I left England. My normally smooth skin is erupting most unpleasantly LOL. I think partly it’s the huge change in climate, also I haven’t been eating as healthy now that I don’t have my own kitchen anymore or shop for my own food, and some of it may have to do with stress *cough* (code word for men).

I don’t have loads of money to spend these days, but I refuse to use cheap stuff on my face, after all, I’ve only got one. Invest a little money daaahlings, its better than wrinkles and saggy skin later on. I do buy the good stuff despite my craptastic paycheck.  I just have a very pared down beauty regime, my holy trinity. These are the three products I would not want to be with out. They are worth their pricetag.

For lovely pale and wrinkle free skin... just like the beautiful Dita Von Teese.
For lovely pale and wrinkle free skin… just like the beautiful Dita Von Teese.

So, in my opinion, the best thing a girl can do for her skin is to protect it. Before heading out for the day, it is crucial to shield our gorgeous faces from the harmful effects of of UVA and UVB rays. The problem is that most of the stuff out there is just so damned uncomfortable. It’s either super greasy, heavy feeling, or leaves a bit of a film on the skin. I was lucky to stumble across Kiehl’s Since 1851 Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+. The super high protection factor is great for my pale skin, but I also love it  because it dries so completely matte and non-greasy. You don’t feel like you are wearing anything. It is a pleasure to wear… now all I have to do is to remember to wear it more often!

Catherine de Medici was a fan of Santa Maria Novella, one of the world's oldest pharmacies... not to mention Moi.
Aside from my good self, Catherine de Medici was also a fan of Santa Maria Novella, one of the world’s oldest pharmacies.

Now this next item I’m going to tell you about, is my special secret: Santa Maria Novella’s Rose Water.  I adore it. It is a pain in the rear to get ahold of, but I would not be without it. I know this is going to sound a little silly, but using it reminds me that I’m me, that inside me, lives a Little Miss Fancy Pants with an unbreakable spirt that no Dr ManWhore (or anyone else for that matter) can ever extinguish.  The scent, unlike most overpowering rosewater products, is simply lovely.  I love swiping it across my face to freshen myself up when I wake up and before bed. Now I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think it does anything super miraculous, I just like how I feel when I use it. Maybe it’s a sentimental thing, but it’s something that will always be in my repertoire.

I doubt there is more effective and gentle makeup remover available than this one.
I doubt there is more effective and gentle makeup remover available than this one.

Though I don’t wear much makeup, there are times where a girl wants to impress. I find makeup around the eyes particularly difficult to remove. My eyes are sensitive and I don’t like to rub them too much. There is no more gentle, pleasant, and effective remover than the cleansing oils made by Shu Umera. I love the way the oil makes your mascara practically “melt” right off.

Shu Umeura was a Tokyo makeup artist in 1950s Hollywood. His cleansing oil was a favorite with one of my all-time hall of fame beauties: Marilyn Monroe. When you try this, you will understand why. I am currently using Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil—Marilyn used the original formula (which is classic for a reason).

So there you have it my lovelies, my beauty secrets revealed. Yeah, you aren’t going to find these goodies in any discount stores, but don’t be cheap with yourself. You are worth it! And you know what? It’s better to buy a couple of really awesome expensive things than loads of junky cheap stuff that ends up costing you the same.

What are your skin must haves? Don’t be stingy, its time to share with the class ;).