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So truth is that I had a shitty week. Really shitty. My mom hasn’t been well (I kind of loathe to get into it, I find it kind of scary and embarrassing to talk about), work has been breaking my back (nothing earth shattering, but you know that can suck), and I have been feeling overlooked. I know we all feel this way sometimes. Different problems of course, but we all have moments where we need a pick me up. We all need to be reminded of who we REALLY are: powerful, beautiful, and limitless beings. 

Here are five ways that I tried to work on that today:

Awesome music: I have music that suits all my moods. There is some stuff that I listen to that’s totally hard and kick ass, some that’s goth and moody, and some that makes me feel very feminine and spiritual. We all have different tastes and different sides to our personality. One thing is the same for all of us though: music is some powerful ass magic. Sometimes you gotta put on your headphones (Bose, dear), block out the rest of the world, and loose yourself in sound. Just totally feel it. Immerse yourself into it. FEEL it. BE it. Dance if your wishes move you. Take your music out for walk or a run in nature if you are feeling it.  It’s all good.

I ate good food: Now, I’m not talking about bingeing, though we all know I am not averse to that (goddesses don’t regulate themselves, after all). What I’m talking about eating food that is good for you, but also delicious. A coconut macaroon won’t kill ya either dollies, not when they are from Godiva. Aside from my sugar laden Scooby Snack of choice though, today I also indulged in thick Greek yogurt covered in  a luxurious sweet honey that I’ve been saving for something special, and some incredibly tasty avocado toast with juicy tomatoes. Who doesn’t love avocados, right? I drink my special tea that I adore, and I just savor the flavors. 

I was selfish with my time: There are moments where everyone needs to kinda fuck off. They might be fabulous, but fuck off they must. And then there are people who really don’t deserve your energies. You know who I’m talking about. You are totally thinking about someone right now, aren’t you LOL? Sometimes you need to be selfish and be all about you, because we both know, nobody else will do this for you. Turn off your phone. Maybe lock the door to your room. Or maybe just get out. Today I became invisible for a while (though honestly, I don’t think anyone noticed–that sorta sucks, but whatevs).

I took a bath. Maybe it is because I’m a water sign, but there are few things so soothing as a nice bath (with a ridiculously overpriced scented candle—Walmart can kiss my ass. Frugality has no place when it comes to self care.) Bubbles or bath oil. It’s all good. Sometimes I lie there, just kind of motionless and feel the warm water around me. Sometimes I listen to guided meditations on YouTube. Just follow whatever your heart wants. Maybe some cookies? I don’t know, just sayin.’ If the crumbs get in the tub, it’s no biggie, they will all just go down the drain, so actually, it’s really pretty genius.

I made a face mask. When I was in NYC I stopped in one of my favorite little shops: Kalustyan’s. I’m not sure how I describe the place. It’s kind of like a witch’s cupboard of the weird and wonderful. It is a food store, but it sells these magical ingredients that you just won’t find anywhere else. This time, one of the unusual ingredients I purchased was Organic Rose Petal Powder… Now what would I do what that? Well I’m kind of obsessed with rose as a flavor, so I bought it, and I decided I’d figure it out later. After doing a bit of research I decided to make a face mask out of it. Supposedly, it is a natural skin toner. I mixed the rose petal powder and honey (full of antioxidants) to form a thick dark colored paste and slathered it onto my skin (after I tried to taste it … yeah, really). I left it on for a good 20 minutes, and then washed it off. Rinsing it off with water is a bit messy. But do you know what? It actually produced great results. I wouldn’t lie to you on this. My skin felt felt very soft and looked very fresh and healthy in a way that it does not normally. I am going to make this a weekly habit, as it feels quite indulgent, and I adore self care. If you can find this crazy ingredient, try it out for yourself. 

I want to also try adding little spoon of the powder into hot chocolate. Would it be as yummy as I imagine? Watch this space.

I think its super important to discuss how we pull ourselves out of negativity rather than wallow in it. Feelings are like visitors, they come and go, but sometimes the yucky ones will want to hang out just a bit too long if you invite them to tea. So let’s talk about this my lovelies, how do you vanquish the nasties?

And don’t tell me I’m loosing touch with reality. I might fall off my unicorn.

You might find today’s post is completely left field, but I can’t help it. I was never a cool kid. I was a closet goth and a nerd. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being popular is a bore. Long live the weirdoes and the outcasts! We are the artists and the magic makers :). As a self appointed weirdo, my interests can border on the bizarre. But one really fab thing about having your own blog is you don’t need to apologize to anyone for your weirdness. You can revel in it. So on today’s weird and wonderful topic…

I was listening to something on YouTube that changed the way I think about the English language. Did you know that in English, the word “grammar” comes from the word “grimoire” which is a book of spells? I can’t explain why exactly, but this completely blows my mind. I always knew that words had magic, but up until this point, I didn’t really realize to what extent. As someone who likes to write, and someone who majored in literature, I feel like I understand the power of words more than most people… but wow! Words really DO have magic. And isn’t it interesting that as children we go to grammar school to learn how to “spell”? Is that not crazy?!? So, this means when we spell words, we create magic. We are conjuring thoughts into existence. Does that not make you want to pick up a pen and start writing?

Back in the day reading and writing was shrouded in mystery. Only a few knew how. To the superstitious masses, books contained things that they knew nothing about, and knowledge was something that frightened them. A lot has changed, but a lot has also stayed the same. We are living in a culture where, even though we pretend to stress education, we are dumbing ourselves down at the most alarming rate. Instead of delving into the magic of words, we are sidetracked by celebrity and glamour.

And speaking of that, can you guess what other word comes from  the word “grimoire”? Glamour! In the olden days it meant “enchantment” (and not in a good way). Before the 1800s, it meant using occult practices to bewitch someone. Kind of makes you think, no?

Here’s another good one: one of the most elementary spells for magic  is “abracadabra.” It comes from Hebrew and it means, “I create what I speak.”

I don’t know exactly what my point is, I just find this topic exceedingly interesting. Magic or not, I know for sure that words have tremendous power. They aren’t just sounds. They create and destroy. Use them wisely.

Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. –Nathaniel Hawthorne